How to Grow Microgreens in a Punnet

Need some help raising healthy microgreens? DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MICROGREENS GUIDE @ + Dig into 12 VALUABLE TIPS TO GROW HEALTHY MICROGREENS. Learn how to avoid mould; get your timing right; feed, store + reuse seed raising mix & more.

Introduction to Growing Microgreens – The Micro Gardener

Microgreens are herb & vegetable ‘toddlers’. The perfect start for beginner gardeners. Or if you have limited time, space or money and want nutrient-dense food in a hurry. In this lesson, you'll learn some of the varieties of microgreens you can grow in as little as 7-21 days.

5 Tips on Sowing Leafy Greens

Quick lesson on succession planting; leafy green varieties to sow, nutrients, harvesting + creating microclimates.

How to Grow More Basil Leaves

Quick tips + an easy technique to encourage new #basil leaf growth so you enjoy a BIG harvest of this tasty herb. Want more basil tips? Dig into this Easy Guide to Growing Basil:

How to Use Beetroot: Leaves, Roots & Stems

Learn how to enjoy the health benefits of beautiful beetroot with simple ideas for eating leaves, roots and stems.

Clean Out the Fridge Soup & Avoid Food Waste

Quick easy way to use up small quantities of vegetables, herbs and spices in your fridge. Reduce food waste & #leftovers. Visit for a free printable recipe to make your own leftover vegetable soup.

How to Protect Seedlings from Pests with a DIY Plastic Bottle Cloche

Learn a quick, easy way to protect young plants from insect and pest damage with this DIY tutorial. Save your seedlings from grasshoppers, caterpillars, slugs and snails with this simple garden hack. Dig into the Tips Summary at the end after the How-To demo.

Moon Planting - A Skeptic Shares How Timing Makes a Difference

Find out how the gravitational pull of the moon affects soil moisture and plants + how to time your gardening activities for faster seed germination, stronger plants, better harvests and less pests.

How to Sow & Save Lettuce Seeds

Dig into quick, easy tips on how to sow lettuce seeds and save seed from your own garden to save money.

How & When to Sow and Grow Garlic for a Successful Harvest

Discover WHEN to sow + harvest garlic for best results. DIY illustrated tutorial:

How to Harvest, Use & Cure Pumpkin

Learn clever ways to harvest pumpkin or squash to avoid waste and how to cure it to improve storage life.

Learn the Benefits of Growing Sunflowers

Learn to grow sunflowers for free edible seeds, cut flowers, attract birds + bees + detox contaminated soil.