2017 has been an exciting and action packed year so far. Here’s a quick peek behind the curtain, to share a little of my world and what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up.

I’ve delivered and spoken at 20+ workshops and gardening and sustainable living events so far this year.

This is just one of the beautiful groups of people I worked with, sharing freshly brewed herb teas and taste tested microgreens at a healthy morning tea.

Living Choice Twin Waters residents having a healthy morning tea

I’ve been coaching and mentoring my clients and helping them create abundant gardens. One of the absolute joys in my life!

Anne ready for client consultation with basket of goodies

I’ve been involved in my local community with urban streetscape and community garden projects.

Helping children sow seedlings in an upcycled pallet planter at my local shops

Helping children sow seedlings in an upcycled pallet planter at my local shops

Helping locals plant spring edibles into upcycled pallet planters

Helping locals plant spring edibles and learn how to design a small space garden

Been busy filming in my kitchen garden and creating content for my online courses. Stay tuned – more coming soon!

As always, I’ve been harvesting fresh ingredients from our own garden on a daily basis and sharing with friends, my community and clients.

Holding a harvest basket of homegrown produce

And supporting my local farmers markets where they sell fresh organic and chemical free produce.

Anne buying fruit from Farmer Andrew at Hinterland Farmers Market

Buying fruit from 7 yr old Farmer Andrew at Hinterland Farmers Market – this is the way kids SHOULD learn maths and real life skills!

Sustainable Business Woman of the Year Award

In May, I was nominated for a business award and went through a challenging written submission process and nerve-wracking interviews with different judges. At the end of June, I was announced as a Finalist and in August, I was thrilled to win the prestigious 2017 Sunshine Coast Sustainable Business Woman of the Year Award.

It’s been a LOT of work but incredibly rewarding to be recognized for the work I do. Thanks to all my customers, readers and subscribers for your support. It’s truly appreciated.

Sunshine Valley Gazette article 23-8-17

You can read a little more about this below. It’s a fantastic opportunity to shine the light on ways to live sustainably and share how to grow food that supports abundant health.

Anne on Front page SC Daily Newspaper 16-8-17 and article p3

Click to read Story: How a Coast Micro Gardener is Transforming Lives

From humble beginnings starting my blog in 2010 and hoping someone would find the articles useful, to having my small home-based business recognized with this Award, has been an amazing journey. There are days when I’ve felt like giving up. When things get really tough. To keep this website running and delivering fresh content means overcoming a truck load of technical issues. There are lots of things that go wrong – and like anything worthwhile, sacrifices! I put a LOT of love and thought into everything I do and I hope you feel it too.

In reality, it’s also challenging trying to juggle all the aspects of a small business while running a home, garden, family and fitting in life balance. But I’m passionate about health – yours and mine! I want to make a small difference in the world – to help people like you live a healthier life and grow your own nourishing food. It’s incredibly satisfying being self-reliant and knowing you’re healing yourself with every bite.

Basket of home grown food in rainbow colours

If you’ve ever worked for yourself, you’ll know it feels like climbing Mt Everest some days! Other days I reflect on the milestones achieved, and even though progress isn’t always at the pace I’d like, I keep moving forward.

What makes all the effort worthwhile, and why I jump out of bed in the morning to do it all again, is YOU. The emails and thank you’s I get. The photos of what you’re growing. Hearing about your wellness journeys. The before and after pics from my client gardens. The smiles – and hugs! So thank you for your support and being part of this online community.

I am so grateful to actually be doing something useful with my life. Purposeful. Sharing a story many can relate to. Hopefully, what you learn here can help you prevent illness and grow a garden that truly feeds your mind, body and soul.

Spring Planting + Garden Health Check Workshop

If you live in SE Queensland and not sure what to plant in Spring, I invite you to join me at my next event. Want to discover how to get your garden thriving? I’ll be facilitating a fun, hands-on WORKshop. It’s on Saturday 23 September at the ‘Soil & Soul’  Palmwoods Community Garden in Hill Street, Palmwoods from 9am – 11am. Gold coin donation. Full details here.

You’ll learn how to:

* prepare your garden for planting;
* do a plant health check and identify/address seasonal problems;
* succession plant for a continuous harvest;
* work with our local climate and weather to grow a food garden (even when it’s dry);
* grow healthy ‘fast food’ you can be eating in just weeks; and
* how to plant and care for seasonal seedlings.

WHERE: ‘Soil & Soul’ Palmwoods Community Garden, 17-19 Hill Street, Palmwoods 4555. 
COST: Gold coin donation
CONTACT: Kay Nixon, Project Mgr ‘Soil & Soul’ – 0412539020; Email: kaynxn43@gmail.com
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Please RSVP to book your place. Limited numbers.
BYO: Garden gloves, hat, water and suitable clothing.

So where to from here? There’s always more on the agenda! I’ve got a BIG month planned, but you’ll have to read the September Newsletter shortly to see what’s coming next.

Happy gardening until next month.  Anne x

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