Do you Know What to Plant When?

Planting in Season for your Unique Location

One of the biggest challenges in gardening is learning WHAT to plant WHEN. To save time and money and get the best results, it’s wise to plant in season.  That simply means that you work WITH nature to sow or transplant when the weather and season is most favourable to growing what you want to plant. Learn more with these free resources.

What to Plant When - Zones, Calendars and Guides


Ever had poor seed germination? A seedling or plant die shortly after planting? Sick of failures? Your climate zone and time of year can play a BIG role in gardening successfully. Let’s take a look at zones, calendars and gardening guides to help you make the best decisions.

How to Determine What to Plant and When

  • Know your zone – Climate zones are generalised because seasons can change quickly. They can arrive early or late – or not at all!  If you are not sure already, find out which climate zone you live in.  This will help you choose the best plants for your area and learn the correct sowing time.  (more…)