July 2017 Newsletter

Organic Gardening Tips for an Abundant Harvest

July 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the July Newsletter. Lots of quick tips to get you thinking about the food you eat and grow.

This month, I’m sharing another quick ‘How To’ video in my Sow Simple series of free tutorials to help you grow and use food wisely in just minutes. Dig in and help others by sharing these tips!

Clean out the Fridge Soup

In this quick video lesson, I share an easy way to use up small quantities of vegetables, herbs and spices in your fridge.  I call it my ‘Clean out the Fridge’ Soup – a simple idea for using up leftovers! Recipe below – I hope you enjoy it.


Amazing Uses for Garlic in Your Home & Garden

Do you know how to use garlic in your kitchen, garden and for good health? In this article I share garlic tips and some amazing uses for  this humble herb.

Garlic tips and uses in your kitchen, garden and for health

Garlic tips and uses in your kitchen, garden and for health

I’m an unashamed ‘Garlicoholic’ and if you love garlic as much as I do, you may be surprised at some of the incredibly useful ways you can use this ancient herb.

  • In your kitchen – for its culinary properties;
  • For health – and its medicinal benefits; plus
  • In your garden – to help with pest and disease management!



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