9 Foods You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

Are you growing an edible garden? One easy way to save money is to grow some of your plants for free. How? From leftover food scraps that are often thrown away!

9 Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps | The Micro Gardener

9 Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

You may already be composting your kitchen ‘waste’. That’s a great way to build healthy soil. However, it may save you money to be selective before throwing everything into your compost system. There are many plant parts that can help you propagate new plants. For minimal effort and no cost.

Why Should You Only Regrow Organic Food?

  • First, a word of warning! For health reasons, I suggest you select organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. Too expensive? So is the cost of poor health! I think safe food is one of the best investments we can make.
  • Sadly, non-organic produce is grown using chemicals. Not just one spray either. It’s commonly a cocktail of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and other -icides. These are applied during the growth cycle and even after harvesting. These are often systemic chemicals. That means you can’t wash them off the skin.
  • The chemicals are absorbed internally into the plant tissues through soil and water. Root crops like potatoes are especially vulnerable. Other crops are genetically modified or imported and radiated.


How to Grow More Plants for Less

Are you serious about saving money in your garden? Want to grow more plants without it costing the earth? There are some clever ways you can grow your garden for free.

Frugal gardening is about ‘thinking outside the square.’ With some basic skills and knowledge, there’s no need to spend a cent at the nursery to grow your edible or ornamental garden!

Save money by learning some simple skills, developing neighbourly connections and working with nature for an abundant garden.


Frugal Gardening – How to Get Plants for Free!

It’s a fact of life that these economic times mean we need to find ways to save money everywhere!

You can get seedlings and plants cheap or even free if you know where to look!

You can get seedlings and plants cheap or even free if you know where to look!


Savvy gardeners are always looking for clever ways to be thrifty in the garden as well as learn from others who are willing to share their knowledge.

Experienced gardeners often have the best tips of all and will save you wasting money in the garden making unnecessary mistakes.  Learning some simple techniques, sharing and swapping with others and taking advantage of nature’s abundance are just some of the strategies in a frugal gardener’s toolbox!

If you are thinking of adding a fruit tree or two, some edible veggies and herbs or potted colour, buying all these at retail prices will obviously add up very quickly.  If you want decorative pots or containers for them all to go in, then you might need deep pockets!  Once you have all these wonderful species growing, do you have the knowledge to care for them all so they yield you the maximum harvest?

“There are loads of ways to get the garden of your dreams without breaking the budget.”


Homegrown fresh produce saves $ off the weekly food bill

Homegrown fresh produce saves $ off the weekly food bill



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