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Thanks SO much for your purchase. That book, calendar, journal, consultation or product you’re buying makes a BIG difference to us. You’re directly supporting our work in helping people grow good health all over the world. You’re helping us share our vision and global education to help others enjoy the rewards of growing their own food and living more sustainably! You can feel good about that. So a HUGE thank you … Now, let’s see how we can help make this shopping experience easy for YOU!

To check out all the awesome goodies in our Shop, SCROLL DOWN and click the category or item you want. If you live outside Australia, you’ll see prices in $US.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept 4 payment methods: By PayPal; Credit Card; Direct Deposit or PayPal payment link (by private email).

No PayPal Account? No problem! The credit card link is easy to miss during the order process. See below to know where to find it.

PayPal Credit Card Purchase option in Shop

For Direct Deposit payments, select the box for Direct Bank Transfer.

Direct Deposit Payment

How do I change the Country when calculating shipping?

The default country is Australia. To change this, just hover over the down arrow and select your country from the drop down menu list. Click ‘Update Totals’.

Click on drop down menu to select your country

How do I change the quantity I want to purchase?

The default quantity is one (1) for all products. Use the (+) to add or (-) to remove items from your basket. You can do this at any time until payment.

Add to basket - how to change the quantity

How do I view my Cart?

To see all the goodies in your Cart, click on either the shopping trolley icon in the top right of your screen or select ‘View Cart’ from the Shop menu.

Click on Icon or View Cart in Shop Menu

When I click View Cart, how do I proceed to Checkout?

Once you have added the items to your cart, you can review your order and add or delete the quantity or products. You also have an option to add further products by clicking on ‘Continue Shopping‘ or selecting from the suggested products:

You may be interested in optional products before checkout

Then simply KEEP SCROLLING DOWN to complete the shipping, promotional code (if using) and checkout.

Calculate shipping, add promo code if using and checkout

How do I take advantage of a promotional Coupon Code?

If you have a special code with a limited time discount offer, type it into the Promotional code box. Check the code word is spelled correctly and select ‘Apply Code’.

Type in promotional code if using one and click on Apply Coupon

If you get an error message, you may be trying to apply the code after the offer has ended. If you are still having trouble with a current offer, please use the contact form for assistance.

How do I read Product Reviews?

At the top of each product listing, you will see the price and star rating. Where customers have left feedback, simply click on the link in brackets to read all reviews.

Click the link beside the star rating to read all customer product reviews

How do I leave a Product Review?

We’d LOVE your feedback! Tell us YOUR story about how you’re using the product. Visit the product page to share your experience, ask a question and rate your purchases. When was the last time you stopped to tell someone they did a good job? You loved something? We hope you’ll take a moment today.

Leave a product review or question

Where can I source other products?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out The Micro Gardener Amazon Store for loads more organic + garden products. Yep, we’ve taken hours to hand select and review products we think are safe, organic and worth using to save you time and effort. We’re exhausted from all that research, but hope it helps you make better choices!

I have another question about my purchase – how can I get help?

No worries. Send us your questions on the Contact form and we’ll help you as soon as possible. Please be a little patient if you live outside Australia if we don’t get back to you immediately. Sometimes we need to sleep but we’ll reply as soon as the sun’s up here!

Postage and Shipping Costs

The product short description of some items and special offers may state they are not sold outside of Australia. This is because we think the shipping costs for these weights are just excessive. Not our fault or yours, just how it is. If you still want to purchase these items just email me and I will let you know the shipping cost so you can make your own decision.

If you are ordering multiple products and think the postage seems too high, this may occur when the extra weight pushes the postage into another category. If this happens, you can reduce postage costs considerably by removing one of the items from your order. Start a second order for this item and it will be much cheaper. Sigh! This is just one of the annoying things we live with when relying on international carriers. Sorry about that. 🙁

What format are DVDs?

DVDs are only available in PAL format. Please check the country details on DVD products to make sure this format suits your equipment. Sorry, but we can’t take these back once shipped if you make an incorrect choice.