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Discover How to Produce Free Organic Worm Compost to feed your garden + earn an income … [112 pages]

In this best-selling, easy-to-read manual, you’ll discover how to master the art of worm farming. Learn how simple it is to turn a worm farm into free plant food for a thriving, healthy garden! Whether you want to raise worms at home or as a business, this eBook shares a wealth of tips and resources to help you succeed. [Scroll down to read more…]

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Worm Farming: Discover How to Feed your Garden for Free with Organic Worm Compost . . .


Worm Farming Secrets is a simple, easy-to-read manual, showing you how to master the art of worm composting. You will learn to raise worms and make free plant food for a thriving garden or business. Plants will LOVE YOU for it! [Over 10,000 copies sold!]

Worm Farming Secrets is ideal if you are a:

  • Hobbyist or home gardener wanting to create a low-cost healthy garden.
  • Would-be entrepreneur looking to earn an income.
  • Worm farming business seeking ways to market or expand your operation.

This manual is an honest and realistic look at worm farming. No sugar coating!


In this Best Selling e-Book, you’ll LEARN how to:

  • Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer

Discover how to use worms to save money on expensive fertilizers and feed your garden. Learn how to make your own powerful organic, slow-release and liquid plant food using your own supply of worm castings.

  • Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants Faster

Get better results from your garden. Tomato plants grown in worm castings (worm poo) have been shown to grow 3 times faster than those grown in potting mix alone. It’s powerful stuff!

  • Turn Waste into a Free Resource

Worm composting is environmentally friendly. You can help reduce waste going to landfills by recycling nutrients through a worm farm. Use what nature created (composting worms) to power new life into your garden.


Here’s exactly what you’ll learn inside this best selling book:

Worm Farming Secrets eBook cover

  • Composting worm biology …

Understand the structure of a worm’s anatomy. Find out a worm’s specific nutritional requirements, unique reproduction mechanisms, and the right environmental conditions for survival. These scientific aspects are written in easy-to-understand language. Once you understand worm biology, this will help you successfully set up your own worm composting system.

  • The five most commonly used composting worms…

Not all worms are suitable for successful vermiculture (worm farming). Here you can consider which breeding stock are most suited to your individual needs. Decide whether you want to take advantage of worm by-products such as worm compost or tea. Or discover whether you are more interested in maintaining a wormery to have a year round supply of worms for live fishing bait.

  • A detailed look at the most common pests and predators that can invade your worm farm…

You’ll discover how to prevent these devastating invasions and damage to your worms. Plus find out exactly what to do if you’ve already been overrun by undesirable organisms like ants, moles, flies, mites, centipedes and more.

  • Every worm farmer has different needs and it’s often hard to determine which worm bin is right for YOU…

You’ll discover the different types of worm farms and beds that you can purchase (or create yourself). You’ll learn the pros and cons of each type of set up. You’ll also compare the advantages and disadvantages of using different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, styrofoam, windrows and more.

  • Worms need the correct bedding to thrive in…

You’ll discover what makes the perfect worm farm bedding, the types of everyday materials you can use with great success and what you need to avoid. You’ll also be shown how to prepare your bedding to ensure it provides your worms with ideal conditions for maximum productivity.

  • Discover exactly what you can and can’t feed your worms + how to prepare their feed correctly…

Organic waste materials make for a wide selection of no-cost food. However, some food types can poison your worms and sour your worm bin. You’ll learn exactly what you should be feeding your worms and what you need to avoid at all costs.

  • Here’s how YOU can turn your hobby into a second income!

You can sell your worms and worm by-products. There are over 40 different potential markets. You’ll learn:

  • About each of these markets.
  • Why they are in need of what YOU can supply them with (and are prepared to pay you excellent money for).
  • How to reach these markets using no cost and low cost marketing techniques.

You may turn your knowledge and skills into a new hobby or home-based income.


Customer Feedback

“First, I really enjoy the weekly newsletters, and after downloading the manual, I was amazed at your educational information. I wasted so much money on old outdated manuals on the market, and I will certainly recommend your manual to all those I encounter. I’m impressed. Thank you so much, this will make my small worm farm / educational experiment grow bigger and better.” ~ Chance Brooks

“Hi Duncan, I would like to thank you for the excellent manual you have produced. It is my worm farming bible. Based on your years of hands-on experience you’ve helped me avoid some costly (financially and time-consuming) pitfalls and put me on the right road to successful worm farming! Well researched and explained information. I have recommended it as it is essential reading for anyone. Thanks again!”~ Paul Weaver, Wily Worm Farm

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