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Do you live in subtropical SE Queensland? Are you sick of trying to figure out what to plant each season?

My double-sided, laminated guide can help make your seasonal planting and gardening activities so much easier. This great value tool is perfect for beginner or intermediate food gardeners. It can help you with pests and diseases to watch out for at different times of year; when our 5 seasons start and finish; seasonal garden tasks; and which edibles to plant all year around.

An easy-to-use reference guide you can use year after year, with tick boxes you can wipe off when tasks are done.  [Scroll down to read more …]

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Do you live in subtropical SE Queensland? Are you trying to figure out what to plant each season?

My double-sided, laminated guide can help make your seasonal planting and gardening activities so much easier. I’ve put a barrow load of time,  research and experience growing in this climate for 25 years into creating this guide.

The Subtropical Planting Guide is a great value tool.

Use the Subtropical Planting Guide to make gardening easier like pest management

Who is this Guide for? It’s perfect if you:

  • are a beginner or intermediate food gardener;
  • struggle to understand what to plant and when;
  • need help understanding seasonal growing conditions;
  • want to know which pests and diseases to watch out for at different times of year;
  • want to learn which garden tasks to do each season e.g. when to prune various crops;
  • would like to know which edibles to plant all year around;
  • want an easy-to-use reference guide to use year after year.

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Subtropical Planting Guide Features:

  • Seasonal colour-coded sections to make it simple to use.
  • Laminated for long-term, practical use indoors or out in your garden shed.
  • Tick boxes so you can mark off each activity with a whiteboard marker pen [not included] and keep track of what you need to do.
  • Each of the five seasonal sections provides typical climate conditions, sowing suggestions, garden tasks and common problems to watch out for.
  • Includes a list of food crops you can plant year round and bonus seasonal tips to optimise your harvest.
  • This attractive guide makes an economical gift that will last for years.
  • Compact size for keeping on your fridge with a magnet [not included].

Product specifications: A4 size; double sided; laminated; full colour; waterproof.

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How can I use the Subtropical Planting Guide each season?

The Guide has five seasons with the typical months they start and finish. Sometimes this slightly overlaps and the seasons don’t necessarily start on the first of the month and finish on the last day! e.g. Spring usually occurs over August and September but typical conditions may not start until mid-August. The Guide gives you a brief description on typical weather conditions to look for, so you can learn to be observant and pick up the clues when the season is changing. e.g. During spring there is typically an increase in pest insects after overwintering finishes. This enables you to plan for lots of grasshoppers hatching and put your controls in place before they damage your plants. Knowing what is going to happen when, gives you more control over your garden.

How do I use the ‘Garden Tasks’ suggestions?

Use the Subtropical Planting Guide to help manage pests

These are easy reminders to help you complete important tasks that should be done each season to prevent problems. Each garden task has a tick box, so you can use a non-permanent whiteboard marker to check off when completed. This makes it simple to know you’ve got your bases covered. e.g. If you know that Spring is a time when you’re likely to experience drying winds, you can plan ahead and protect vulnerable plants from damage. Not sure when to fertilise or prune your fruit trees? How to prevent weeds? These tasks will help you time your activities to maximise success.

How will the ‘Sowing Suggestions’ help me?

This is a list of common edibles (vegetables, herbs and fruit) that you can plant confidently during the suggested season. Some foods will have a month in brackets indicating the ideal time during the season to sow. This is usually due to temperature changes in the weather and soil. Once you are familiar with planting edibles in the suggested seasons, you can learn to create microclimates in your own garden. This will help you extend the period in which you can grow some edibles. To make the most of this guide, it is recommended you also keep a Garden Journal. This will help you record observations in your own garden that are unique so you can build your knowledge year after year. I provide easy templates and worksheets you can use if you like the idea of a Garden Journal Planner & Workbook in a folder.

How do I use the ‘Watch Out For’ tips?

These are common pests to look out for each season. e.g. aphids, citrus leaf miner and scale. You can look ahead to the following month and know what’s likely to be appearing in your garden at that time. e.g. Knowing when the QLD fruit fly is commonly present, will enable to you install your baits and controls to prevent fruit loss and future infestation. Being prepared before pests appear will make a huge difference to your harvests and managing pest problems in your garden.

Follow the Subtropical Planting Guide for sowing suggestions

How do I use the ‘Edibles to Grow all Year Round’ suggestions?

These crops can be planted and grown all year in our climate, if you choose varieties suited to the season you’re growing in and select containers or microclimates to favour their preferred growing conditions. By checking the seasonal Sowing Suggestions, you will see the times they are most suited to and you can create these conditions in your own garden. See the Seasonal Tips section on the Guide which will help you implement these suggestions successfully. By subscribing to my newsletter and following my blog, you will also learn more about specific plants to grow throughout the year.

Is this product sustainably produced?

We are proud to partner with Snap Maroochydore, a local printing company that focuses on sustainable printing practices and has Sustainable Green Print Certification. This includes measures to improve environmental impacts, such as the use of certified forest fibres, alternative renewable energy sources, and reducing chemical, energy, water usage and effluent. Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is a nationally recognised environmental certification program based on the ISO14001 framework and focuses on compliance with environmental policies and risks. We are proud to work with a business that aligns with our sustainability values. This laminated guide is waterproof, long-lasting and designed for you to buy once and use forever. If your product does not last the distance, we’ll happily replace it. We also ship this guide in FSC packaging, supporting responsible forestry. So there is no net loss of forest over time. Plant and animal species are also protected along with local communities.

I have another question not answered here. Can you help?

Of course! Click on Discussion (just above this product description) and Leave a Comment with your question. You can also use the Contact Form to send your query.

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