A Sow Simple Guide to Using Herbs for Health eBook


This practical Guide shares 11 easy ways to use culinary and medicinal herbs every day. Learn how to benefit your health and wellbeing with practical ideas. Follow simple steps to start using herbs daily, as a beneficial new habit.

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Do you use Herbs for Health?

Guide to Using Herbs eBook Sample Pages

If you want to prevent or treat common health problems, you’ll find this easy-to-read Guide a practical place to start.  Benefit your health and wellbeing with simple remedies. Learn to add delicious, nutritious flavours to meals.

Author, Anne Gibson shares simple ways you can start to use herbs for health:

  • to support healing
  • to help relieve pain
  • to provide a rich source of nutrients in your diet
  • to improve digestion
  • as natural antibiotics to boost your immune system
  • and as preventative medicine.

This beautifully illustrated Guide has simple tips that are easy to apply. Using herbs for health daily can become a beneficial habit.

Do you have a few herbs in the garden but aren’t sure how to use them? If you’re new to herbs, do you want to know which ones would be good to start with? If so, this guide will point you in the right direction. Thousands of people around the world have read and enjoyed the tips in this popular eBook.

Do you know:

  • Which herbs store well when dried?
  • Which herb is a sugar substitute but also prevents tooth decay?
  • An easy way to extract essential oils from herb leaves?


‘A Sow Simple™ Guide to Using Herbs for Health’ shows you how to:

Guide to Using Herbs for Health eBook content page samples

  • substitute fresh and dried herbs in recipes;
  • save money by making your own delicious herb salts (never buy table salt again!);
  • flavour vinegar and oils with your favourite herbs;
  • make herb seasoned flour (once you create your own, you won’t buy seasoning again either); and
  • make a pain relief tea.

Your eBook is in PDF Format as an instantly downloadable file. Suitable for all computers and mobile devices.

File size: 2.8Mb; 18 Pages; Links throughout so you can ‘dig deeper’ into topics that interest you most.

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  1. Juli Horewood

    Thank you for the eBook. Most of the information in it I already know and use, BUT what I so enjoyed is the beautiful way you present the book. It also was a wake up call for me, because despite having a fairly good knowledge of herbs and their uses, I admit to becoming lazy. There I’ve said it! I will certainly be rushing out and buying Lemon Balm, Stevia, (badly need to cut down on sugar) and plant more Nasturtiums. I will certainly be following you on Facebook, and look forward to enjoying more of your Tutorials.

  2. Rosemary

    I would just like to let you know how much I have enjoyed and already been able to put into practice much of the amazing information you have included in this e book. I love the way you have made this guide so user friendly. I just wanted to keep on reading and reading. The section on microgreens has opened up a whole new world for me as far as diet is concerned. As the result of a major operation I have been unable to include mature green vegetables in my diet and have now discovered that I can eat microgreens and enjoy live and nutritious food again. The joy in seeing the new sprouts peeping out of the soil makes my mouth water! Thank you for this wonderful book!

  3. Alan

    Thanks for the book – it’s brilliant.

  4. Roxy Beukes

    Really love it!!! Love all the recipe ideas for salad dressings, salt substitutes, how much to use i.e. fresh versus dried, ideas for pain relief plus recipe, etc. Loved the idea of the microgreens but have never used buckwheat sprouts (will need to try). Love getting ideas on how to grow herbs because I do believe they are very beneficial to people. Hope that you are encouraged because you have done a lovely presentation and very useful sharing of information on God’s wonderful herbs. Blessings.

  5. Tito Espiritu

    So excited with the information contained in your eBook, I went to the garden section of our local Walmart today to buy a lemon balm, rosemary and oregano (to add to my existing basil and spearmint plants). I plan to get other herbs as well. Thanks so much for your inspiring reference. All the best from Virginia, USA.

  6. Ken Casey

    I really gleaned herbal remedy knowledge from your free eBook; and, I have been studying and using herbs for years. Thanks.

  7. Greg Fox

    Hi Anne, I greatly enjoyed your ebook.

  8. Asis Pnaik

    A good read and well presented.

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