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I currently have a waitlist for onsite garden consultations. Please contact me by email for more information and to go on the waitlist for bookings. Or I’d love to assist you via a Live Chat Coaching Call.

Do you have questions about your garden? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need a plan? Confused about where/how to start your garden? How to solve specific problems? Too many pest and disease issues? Want to design your space more efficiently? Set up a compost or worm farm? Not sure what plants to sow and when in our local climate? Need help with a garden project? My onsite garden consultation is like a private class with your own personal instructor, designed to help you succeed, feel confident and meet your specific needs.

In just an hour or two, I can give you the confidence to grow your own food, without all the problems! I can show you how to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. Want to find out how to improve your soil? Add edibles to your current garden? Learn which fruit trees and varieties are best for your needs? How to prune to improve harvests? How and when to fertilize + much more? [Scroll down for more details] PLEASE SEE LIVE CHAT CONSULTS


Achieve abundant harvests with Anne Gibson onsite garden consultation visit

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed and need a plan?
  • Confused about where/how to start your garden?
  • How to solve specific problems?
  • Too many pest and disease issues?

My hourly onsite organic garden consultation and coaching service is the perfect solution. Tailored to meet your specific needs. I provide design concepts, tips, techniques and hands-on help. I love helping my clients with one-on-one personalised advice and a shortcut to success.

Think of it like a private class. We co-create your garden together to achieve your goals fast! You choose if we spend one hour together – or longer.

Suitable for suburban blocks, balcony gardens, retirement villages, communal gardens and small urban properties. This service is ideal for beginners to more experienced gardeners who want confidence to make decisions going forward.

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What are the Benefits of a Garden Consultation?

  • Answers your questions and provides sustainable solutions;
  • Solves problems and gives you the confidence to plan, design, grow and maintain your garden;
  • Saves time and money by getting the results you want without struggling or wasting time;
  • Personalised advice to help you meet your goals and source supplies you need;
  • Avoids costly mistakes and heartache so you create an abundant garden you love quickly.

Find out how to improve your soil; integrate edibles into your current garden; use your small space efficiently indoors and out; optimise planting each season for varieties that grow well in our local climate; which fruit trees and support species are best for your needs; how to prune to improve harvests; how and when to fertilise + much more! My goal is to bring you more joy and edible rewards from your garden as quickly as possible. Read what just a few of my clients have to say.

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Front Garden Before and a hugely productive space 10 weeks later

Front garden BEFORE consultation and a hugely productive space just 10 weeks later!

What does a Garden Consultation include?

Garden Journal Planner & Workbook

  • One hour onsite with expert advice and/or hands-on assistance;
  • Pre-visit Questionnaire;
  • Action Plan Report brief summary post onsite visit;
  • Local Suppliers and Resource List (a comprehensive time and money-saving guide to sourcing local and online garden supplies);
  • Complimentary plant material for your garden (seasonal cuttings or seeds);
  • BONUS digital Garden Journal Planner & Workbook with garden planning tools [Value $5.00].

Please note: Price excludes GST (+10%) and additional travel if >50km* from my base location (see below).

How can you benefit from your garden consultation?

You can also use this service for seasonal assistance, planting plans for specific garden projects and onsite coaching or hands-on help in your garden. e.g. I provide advice on timing your planting; setting up warm or cool-season crops; container gardens; reinvigorating garden beds; what to plant where; compost and worm farms; pruning; crop rotation; maintenance; propagation; soil testing; troubleshooting pest and disease problems; and much more.

Here’s another example of what you can achieve in a short space of time. This is Colin’s garden. At 89, he wanted an easy, low-maintenance food garden to support his health. We started from scratch with simple systems and he was picking produce in just a few weeks. You can start small and build up to your dream garden over time. I can help with a plan and action steps. If Colin can do it, so you can you!

Just 7 weeks later – incredible abundance!

Can I pay by installment?

Yes, no problem! If you prefer to make a series of payments, please contact me to make arrangements rather than purchasing through this Shop page. Whatever works for you!

How many hours should you book?

As a guide on average, a one-hour consultation is the minimum time needed for small suburban gardens to help you get started. If you have more than one zone or several projects in mind, more time is likely needed and I’m happy to discuss prior to booking. For large blocks, new garden designs and acreage, I suggest you book an initial 2-hour site visit so we have adequate time to meet your needs. For large acreage or organisations, we may need longer depending on your requirements.  Just select the quantity “1”, “2” or “3” during purchase.

Available for Gympie and Sunshine Coast residents in Australia only.

PLEASE NOTE: * Travel is included up to 50km round trip, from Chatsworth, Gympie, Queensland, 4570. An additional cost of 70c/km applies for travel >50km. Calculate here. A separate PayPal payment request will be sent via email after booking if additional travel is applicable. Thanks for your understanding.

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I need help but live outside your region for an onsite consultation

I also offer a flexible Live Chat Garden Coaching consultation service for clients around Australia, the United States, UK and many other countries. I apply the same principles and process I use for my onsite visits and ‘walk’ around your garden via Zoom on a mobile device (iPad, notebook, tablet or mobile phone). We have great fun! I have helped many clients around the world including all over the USA in different climate zones and states to achieve their goals. It’s a joy to help people and shortcut their results. Read a few reviews here. If you have any questions about your situation and what you’d like to achieve, please email me. I also offer a Live Chat Garden Coaching Call Gift Voucher. It’s been a great surprise gift for many happy gardeners.

How does garden coaching work?

Upon payment, you will receive a:

  1. Downloadable PDF file for your ‘Onsite Garden Consultation‘. Please read this booking information. I provide tips on maximising our time together + details of the process to make it quick, fun and easy.
  2. Pre-Visit Questionnaire Form to complete and return. This optimizes our onsite visit time and helps you clarify what you want to achieve.
  3. Download your Garden Journal Planner gift. [See below]

Garden Journal Planner Sample Worksheets and Templates


PLUS you get instant access to my 28 page Garden Journal Planner. Packed with practical printable worksheets and templates you can use year after year. [Value $5.00]

Keeping a journal will help you become an expert in your own garden. These tools will help you design, plan, plant, maintain and keep records of your garden. A gift you will treasure for years to come.

How do I make a booking?

After I receive your Questionnaire, I contact you directly to make a booking at a mutually suitable time.

Still have questions prior to purchase? Feel free to email me.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! I work with my clients so you can pay in instalments prior to your consultation if that works for you.

Can I purchase your garden consultation service as a gift?

Absolutely! GIFT VOUCHERS are available for weddings, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion. They also make a unique present for staff. Gift vouchers are available in hard copy and digital formats. Valid for 12 months.

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Client Feedback

“Thank you so much for today which I really enjoyed. Your knowledge is totally awesome and your generosity of spirit is wonderful. Your enthusiasm is very contagious and it is great to meet a person who is so passionate about sharing information. A friend of John’s came around. He has already done a bit of our fence and has agreed to put in some more wooden structures so the height of the fence along Zone 1 is uniform. These structures will then allow me to put some lattice along. Went to Organika and got a couple of large polystyrene boxes for the cuttings from my Chrissie present. Thank you is such a little word but I am so happy you have come into my life.” – June, Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

“There is a saying in education that “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  I thought I knew what direction I wanted to get expert advice about and I did to a point, but Anne opened up a whole range of strategies and information that I didn’t even realise existed.  You can only search Google when you know what to search for.  For example I have a  water tank devoted specifically to my edible garden.  It had never even dawned on me that I could add tonics such as seaweed into it, but now it seems so obvious.  It means that every time I use that hose, my vegetables automatically get more than just water, but now it’s without lugging those heavy watering cans or messy hose-on attachments.  
Anne’s report was really thorough.  She itemised in detail everything we discussed and added resource lists and links to further information. It is blatantly obvious at first glance that this report is not something just for a quick read, although it is easy reading.  Mine was a “long term” resource specifically written for me, my garden, my strategies, my achievements, my problems and my To Do’s. 
And…it didn’t end with the report.  She’s still advising me. I thoroughly recommend, to anyone with a garden or anyone who wants a garden to get her over to your place for one of these consultations.  She is highly organised, thoroughly prepared, very down to earth, inspiring and worth every cent.” – Su Hopper, Glasshouse Mountains

“Your knowledge of design, problem-solving in the garden, organic solutions and knowing the issues you see and how to fix are amazing…worth every cent to get you to look at my garden as it will save me heaps by not doing the wrong thing to get the results I want..thanks heaps Anne Gibson.” – Maureen Buckett, Caloundra

“Anne is just brilliant. What can we say – just the best experience to inspire us and actually believe we can create a lush and productive garden in sandy soils. Anne arrived at our doorstep prepared, with her gorgeous basket of goodies, bearing sample bags, planting guides and little plant cuttings – an absolute gift for a garden. However, it was the sharing of her experience and useful tips – in itself an ecosystem – well rounded, practical, fit for purpose, comprehensive, and so well explained. Anne isn’t a consultant who just tells you what to do, she works to engage and educate, so you understand. It’s an integrated approach that motivates and inspires action – all in doable bite sized chunks. Anne is the first thing that you must get for your garden.” – Jasmine and Geoff, Peregian Beach

“After hearing Anne talk at the Nambour Garden Expo this year I put my name down for a Garden Consultation and I’m so glad I did. I knew I had the basics for a productive garden but just kept feeling overwhelmed and distracted by all the jobs I had to do. But then along came Anne…. with cuttings from her garden, sample pkts, various seeds and a whole lot of GOOD ADVICE. Anne gave me very clear and simple ideas about how to achieve a productive garden, keep up a regular supply of fresh greens and protein for my beautiful girls (chickens) along with sound gardening principles to increase yields. As we rambled through the garden Anne referred to plants as “babies” “teenagers” and “mothers” and then the penny dropped and it just made a whole lot of sense. Thanks to Anne, that “overwhelming feeling” has disappeared and all I want to do now is begin the journey and watch my garden grow more beautiful as it grows older.”Andrea Hudson, Dayboro

“I, too, heard Anne talk at the Nambour Garden Expo and quickly realised that she is a very knowledgeable gardener who could translate her experience into a very practical and workable partnership with ‘me and my vegies’. Furthermore, she is a delightful person whose enthusiasm for gardening can only encourage you … greatly! I am so pleased I had Anne visit my garden and I certainly learnt a lot from her. What I learnt was specific to my situation and my vegie garden and what was especially helpful was the detailed, written report I received after her visit. There is so much to take in when you are talking with Anne so having the report has really helped me focus in on what I needed to do … and I have done most of it! I feel that my gardening journey/outcome has taken a ‘quantum leap’ because of Anne’s input and I can only highly recommend any opportunity to interact with, and learn from, her.” – Annette Millar

“I met Anne at a class at our local community garden. Having just completed a new home with a blank canvas when it came to the garden, I was keen to get the mix and placement of our garden beds right from the outset. Anne came up with a plan for the beds and where to plant edibles vs ornamentals, as well as helping with some valuable insight into soil health, and plant health, as the greatest tools to control pests naturally. What a bonus when she arrived for our consultation with a basket full of cuttings to get started with. She has stayed in touch answering my questions and even came back for a health check with still more goodies to plant. The garden certainly doesn’t look like it’s only 11 months old. Thanks Anne – your knowledge and shared love of my garden fetish has been invaluable.” – Fiona Gregory, Palmwoods

“After meeting Anne at a couple of public engagements and having enjoyed her newsletters and web information, I asked her to come to my home for a kitchen garden consultation. She came for a couple of hours and I would have loved to have kept her here all day. Anne has a broad knowledge and her advice is down to earth with sound reasoning. She helped me start my own soil mix and gave me information I’d asked for on container gardening, composting, crop rotation, pest management, seed raising and creating a worm farm. She suggested how I could intermingle other edible plants with my soon to be established tropic and flowering gardens and gave me information on where I could best access all the different gardening requirements. Over the past month my ‘garden babies’ are flourishing and I am growing in confidence thanks to Anne’s guidance and information in her post-visit report. It was lovely having time with Anne and I know I will continue to consult with her as I continue the cycle from ‘teeny paddock to plate’.” – Ann Hancock

“My husband and I moved to the Noosa area in August 2017. We had been keen gardeners back in Sydney but hadn’t a clue about subtropical plants or weather conditions. After attending a workshop with Anne Gibson (aka The Micro Gardener) at the Noosaville library, we decided to book an onsite garden consultation. Anne was helpful right from the start, sending us pre-visit forms to complete and asking for photos of our existing garden. Which meant by the time she arrived on our doorstep she had already done the ground work and knew the direction we were headed. Not only that but she bought along cuttings and produce from her own garden that were exactly what we aspired to grow! As we moved around the garden Anne made suggestions and recommendations. There was no need for us to take notes, as she promised all would be detailed in the Client Report & Action Plan she would email later that week. True to her word the report arrived, along with a list of local suppliers and a summary of edible & kitchen garden plants. We also purchased Anne’s Moon Calendar and Subtropical Planting Guide, both have proved to be invaluable assets. It’s been a couple of months since Anne’s initial visit and we are slowly working our way through her detailed Action Plan. The compost is underway, all cuttings are being recycled to aid soil improvement, a vertical garden has been installed and the cuttings she provided are healthy and strong. Anne has followed up with us several times via email, she has a genuine interest in seeing our garden flourish and we feel confident knowing she is available should we need advice down the track.” – Gail & Doug Hay

“Although I have been gardening for many years and my mother before me was a gardener, Anne helped me enormously with ideas on specific areas and specific problems with my site. What a wealth of information Anne is!! I LOVED the gifts Anne brings. Loved planting her plants! For someone like me already a gardener, Anne’s information was able to take my knowledge to another level! Details like the plant vetiver to plant around the creek. We can learn so much from the internet but to have someone come personally to your garden is such an inspiration. Thank you Anne so much.” – Glenda Sawtell

“We booked a consultation with Anne as we had invested a lot of money and time into establishing our garden but felt we were not getting a good enough return. We had problems with pests, nutrient deficiencies and needed help and advice with addressing these issues and maximising our crops. Anne brought us some wonderful goodies and cuttings from her garden, and made sure to address all of our issues and concerns. Her follow up had fantastic detail and her recommendations and information sheets are absolutely invaluable. We are slowly implementing Anne’s recommendations into our garden and can already see good results. Anne provided us with a suppliers list so we know exactly where to purchase the things we need at the best prices. It is such a huge help having all of her experience and research documented into easy to follow information sheets. Anne has followed up with us twice since the appointment and genuinely wants to see people achieve their gardening goals. If you are considering an appointment with Anne, it is a very good investment. Her knowledge and passion for growing an abundance of healthy organic produce will inspire you!” – Fiona Alagich

“I asked Anne to come to advise me on my garden after I had attended a micro green workshop. She had impressed me with her knowledge, her friendly attitude and her ability to make her knowledge accessible. I was not disappointed. My in-home consultation provided valuable knowledge which shared principles for specific application, which I feel confident and able to incorporate. Anne gave me many ideas, offered support and encouragement. She has been generous with her knowledge and provided ongoing follow up. Her report is a valuable resource I can refer back to. She has provided me with resources to continue with implementing our garden plan. My garden has already benefited and I feel better informed to care for my garden and able to seek help again should I require it.” – Margaret Wells

“Thankyou!!! WOW!!! What an extensive plan and list. What a wonderful resource you have provided!! What a wonderful service you have provided us! You are certainly worth every cent! Looking forward to this exciting journey.” Rachael and Michael Baulch, Sunrise Beach

“I’ve been wanting to do this Consultation with Anne for a few years now and finally, I did it. Anne sees things that you just don’t and what she notices makes complete sense and easy to action. The best thing Anne did to get me organised was the initial questionnaire. It really made me think about what I wanted to achieve and then Anne’s visit helped me realise how it is possible and how I can do it. The tips I learned on how to structure my vertical garden and then protect my veggies from the blistering full sun made growing possible where I thought it just wasn’t. How to get more growing space in my courtyard by seeing the suitable space and what can go where. I got rid of things that just weren’t suitable – didn’t provide me with anything and now replacing with edible lovelies and making better use of my space growing my colourful crops. Anne has even suggested using my gold fish pond as a source for growing edible plants I love. Anne’s report after her visit just blew me away – so detailed on how to be completely successful. I loved it all! I now have more growing and eat more from my courtyard. Thank you Anne. If you want to make the most of what you have and eat the things you love, I highly recommend the consultation with Anne – you’ll be glad you did.” – Penelope

“Anne has provided so much valuable information to help me on my way to becoming an expert in my own garden. I literally have a patch of grass and Anne has given me all the information I need to provide my whole family food for life! Im a complete novice gardener and had no idea how much food I could grow in a very average sized suburban backyard. Now I have a beautiful design, loads of resources and ongoing support from the lovely Anne. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to show you all my progress.” – Samantha Allars

“I was a little unsure whether to pay for a garden consultation, but because I have been unable to grow anything really worthwhile in the raised garden beds, I went ahead on the recommendation of a work friend. I was so amazed at the knowledge that Anne had, and her enthusiasm and passion for what she does. She was so thorough in her report with advice on how to go about fixing my garden soil, what to plant, lots of links to places, and also gave lots of other advice regarding our lime, lemon and banana trees. I totally recommend Anne’s consultation. I feel she has put me on the right pathway to produce organic food for the family and she has backed it all up with so much information to refer to at any time.” Karen S

“Anne is incredibly knowledgeable, generous with her time and advice, as helpful as she could possibly be. Plus you get all sorts of resources, including a written report and voice recording! Wow! Anne is thorough, efficient and really focuses on individual goals and what is realistically possible for not only the garden but for the gardener (me!). I would highly recommend you have a consultation – it will save you time, energy and money wasted on products that you do not need. It will help you have a successful garden or property and put a smile on your face.” – Janet Roth

“I had Anne come to visit when I had just moved to an apartment with a balcony and a rooftop. After meeting her previously and browsing her website I knew she, The Micro Gardener, would be perfect to help me plan some green living areas and herb/vegetable gardens to suit my areas. We live on the Ocean front so are exposed to strong winds, salt, and full sun. Anne listened to my ideas, understood that this was to be a work in progress as we were barely moved in, doing renovations etc so there was no pressure, just helpful advice. Anne’s subsequent report was extremely helpful and showed her wide knowledge. The addresses and links to local suppliers was great. The suggestions for plants to suit rooftop conditions were excellent, as were her ideas for outdoor design, colour and themes. Also important to me was the information on caring and maintenance of my existing plants and for future planning. I have purchased a bokashi compostor, on her recommendation, perfect for apartments! I have begun to work on areas of the rooftop, planting screen plants that will withstand the conditions, the beginnings of a ‘display’ of aloes and my raised garden bed and vertical herb garden are going well. I refer back to Anne’s report and the information sheets and planting guides regularly and love getting her newsletter. A helpful and inspiring experience!” – Lynda Morrison

“The consultation was very helpful. So many ideas and suggestions! Anne could ‘see’ the gardens and potential to grow food all over our place. So wonderful to receive a bounty of flowers, herbs and vegies – inspiring to know what we can produce. And a great reminder to stay motivated for several days after the visit. Really appreciate the follow up notes – allows us to create a timeline and realistic goals. Sarah is super excited. This one hour has empowered her to take this knowledge and experience where ever she may live in her life.” – Jenny Sargent

“Thanks again for your terrific help.  I just can’t wait to be eating as lovely vegies/plants as you brought me.  I’ve had two meals of the parsley.  I’ve never, ever seen parsley as big leafed and as strong stems as what you brought and I had the kale steamed last night for tea.  It was delish! You will be really pleased with me.  I’ve just spent the last 2 hours planting the seedlings you gave me into hopefully a nutrient-rich mix.  Thank you for your notes on the on-site consult.” – Lyn Geisel

“My one on one Consultation with Anne was so beneficial in many ways. I have an existing vegetable garden but wanted advice on growing better crops and was also interested in the micro greens. Since Anne’s visit the improvement in my garden has been amazing. I followed Anne’s tips and within a week my soil has improved, it is now moist and healthy. My seedlings are the healthiest l have ever had. Anne showed me how to make my own potting mix and how to use the natural resources I have on site to enrich the soil in my veg garden. I have planted my first batch of Microgreens which are already popping their heads through the soil. I understand so much more about sustaining a healthy garden. To watch how quickly my seedlings are growing is exciting. I would recommend Anne to anyone who wants to grow their knowledge in healthy organic gardening.” – Mandy Bond

“I had moved from a cold growing area to subtropical growing area a couple of years ago. Obviously found growing fruit and veges quite different with some success in some areas but not others. I needed help but couldn’t find anyone that was able to. Then along came Anne. Anne was wonderful, she spent a considerable amount of time with me advising what I could do where on my 5 acres. My main priority being to provide enough fruit and vege for ourselves throughout the year. Anne gave me a lot of valuable information on the day and in a written report. Anne not only answered questions, gave advice and ongoing tasks but also where I could source local products etc I definitely recommend Anne and will be having ongoing consultations with her.” – Karen Henderson

“Anne came to our home with great enthusiasm to assist us with our garden. She had practical suggestions of ways we could successfully grow fruit and vegetables in our garden. She has extensive experience establishing edible gardens in the sub tropics. She took into account our plans for our garden and suggested improvements that would better help us to achieve our goals. She also gave us alternative ideas that we hadn’t thought of, all her ideas were achievable and realistic to our situation. In her garden report she gave us ideas on how to improve our garden in manageable stages starting immediately with what we already had. We would thoroughly recommend Anne to anyone who wants to establish or rejuvenate a garden.” – Michael and Diane Clancy

“This was, and is, a truly lovely and amazing experience. Anne is an inspiring person. She is very passionate about gardening to be sustainable and healthy, it is hard not to get inspired and excited! The amount of time and the resources given and shared is comprehensive, but fun!…. I am sooooooooo excited and to get going, starting little by little, including my children, my husband is even excited, I thoroughly recommend Anne to give you ideas etc.” – Elisabeth Rajesh

“Anne was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and just what I, the ultra amateur gardener needed. I would highly recommend one of her consultations to anyone starting out on their gardening journey. My style before Anne came along was very much trial and error and almost as many errors as trials. I have direction and focus now. I know what I need to do. It’s only a week since my consultation but the garden has already improved. I am very much looking forward to implementing more recommendations over the next few months and enjoying the benefits.” – Prue Oswin

“I have recently moved to a duplex which had previously been tenanted and the poor garden was very neglected apart from a lemon and a lime tree in the back garden. So I got in touch with Anne to help me create a garden which would not only be a bountiful edible garden but would contain natives and other colourful plants which would also be of benefit to all the local birds and insects too. As I thought that my expectations for ALL areas (as opposed to just focusing on one area) of my garden would be a bit daunting, I decided to have a Zoom meeting with Anne prior to the consultation. Anne was amazing. She listened carefully and immediately understood my vision and was totally supportive, which gave me the reassurance that I needed. I was immediately impressed with her generosity of spirit, in that she is so enthusiastic in sharing her extensive knowledge and is very passionate about helping you as much as she possibly can. I have been on a huge learning curve since I met Anne. Prior to the day of the consult, I did all the homework that Anne gave me. It is not compulsory but if you want to get the most out of Anne’s visit, then it is a great thing to do as you will learn more about your garden than you ever thought possible. One thing I love about Anne is that she thinks of everything.
It was like Christmas when Anne arrived on the day of the consultation. She arrived with a big basket filled with various cuttings of various herbs, plants and flowers. She had even bought flower cuttings that were in my favourite colour, such is her attention to detail. She also had a little goodies pack plus samples of some things that I might find useful in my garden eg grow bags. We then walked around my garden with Anne giving suggestions as to what to plant where etc. Everything she told me was recorded by Anne and this was then sent to me, so I could listen to it as many times as I wanted. After the visit, I received information on a whole range of topics ranging from how to deter my neighbour’s cat from using my garden as a public loo, to the best plants for shaded areas. I also learnt where to buy absolutely anything that I could possibly need in my garden. I loved reading through Anne’s Action Plan after the consultation which was incredibly comprehensive and outlined a plan with both long and short term goals which I hope will all be achievable. Unfortunately for Anne, I am the sort of person who always has questions to ask and I have lost count of the number of emails that we have exchanged. Anne is always there to give help and reassurance which is why I would not hesitate to recommend anybody who is thinking of having a consultation, to go ahead and book one. The service that Anne provides is excellent and most certainly very good value for the money.” – June Spehr

“Having recently downsized, Anne’s consultation in my own home has given me the necessary tools and confidence to plan, build and maintain my own gardens and create an outdoor sanctuary. Anne has a wealth of knowledge and experience and she certainly offers an invaluable personalized service. Anne my garden thanks you and I thank you for your loving kindness and the special gifts you bring.” – Terrie Connellan

“We were more than satisfied with the assistance, kindness and thoroughness of the visit and follow up. We were inspired by Anne’s ‘can do’ attitude and positive support after our failed attempts and floods. Her follow-up was so immediately responsive and helpful, that we were not left stuck at any point. We feel empowered, while knowing we have a lot to learn still, and have an amazing amount of information from her that will inform us as we go.” – Carol L

“Thank you very much for such a wonderful report. We are still trying to digest it, plenty of other things happening in our life too. The aspects we found most beneficial were your advice, personal attention, report and action plan, pre-visit questionnaire, planting pack gift and inspiration/ideas/solutions. Very likely to book another consultation, and recommend to others. We think you provide a wonderful service.” – Lois & Daryl Wilton

“Thank you Anne for your excellent Garden Coaching session and follow up report. It was a truly wonderful experience for our family, and has set us up on a clear step-by-step journey to reaching our food production goals! Your positivity and energy is inspiring, and we are very grateful for your generous sharing of knowledge and resources. If I start to feel overwhelmed or lose my way I have your very comprehensive report and strategy to come back to, to help keep me on track!!! Thank you also for your care and consideration in finding fun ways to involve our daughter in this journey. I wholeheartedly recommend others to get in touch with you for a consultation of their own.” – Lynda G

“Great garden consultation – she provided me what my plants are lacking and gave me a step by step action I have to take. Her garden principle is a sustainable method and I love her way of approach.”– Akemi Kobayashi

“Thanks Anne so much – you really are inspiring. I loved the day and got a lot out of it. I will send you a picture of the next bit when I am done. I had the best time and I am really looking forward to your report. I have already grouped a few plants differently and created a big mess!” – Elizabeth Woods

“Love the company and knowledge Anne has.” – Lesley Armstrong

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