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This Moon Calendar is a concise and practical guide to growing edible and ornamental gardens. The double-sided laminated calendar has easy-to-follow directions. Discover the optimum time to plant, fertilise, cultivate and even when to fish to maximise your success.

The practice of moon gardening is based on the moon’s gravitational effect on the moisture in both plants and the soil, and to a lesser extent, on the effect of moonlight. Following the Moon Calendar ensures seeds germinate soonerplants are stronger and have higher crop yields.

There are a few annual moon calendars and posters available but they only last for a year and then you have to buy another one! What makes this calendar different is it’s a perpetual model that you just reset each month, year after year – a much more sustainable choice! Even better, it applies to any climate, anywhere in the world. [Scroll down to read more benefits]

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This Moon Calendar is a concise and practical guide to growing edible and ornamental gardens.

Using a moon calendar to optimise planting and harvests

The double-sided laminated lunar calendar has easy-to-follow directions. Discover the optimum time to plant, fertilise, cultivate and even when to fish to maximise your success. The practice of moon gardening is based on the moon’s gravitational effect on the moisture in plants (sap), the soil, water table and to a lesser extent, on the effect of moonlight. Following the Moon Calendar ensures seeds germinate sooner; plants are stronger and have higher crop yields.

Plus you receive a BONUS PDF download! You also get the “Moon Calendar Gardening Guide – How to Use FAQ & Tips“. This guide is packed with practical ways to help you get started with moon gardening. You’ll discover answers to some interesting questions to help you maximise working with the moon cycles in your garden. It includes timing and tips for pruning, watering, transplanting, sowing seeds and how to use the moon calendar in detail. Enjoy your free gift!

7 Moon Calendar Benefits

This calendar is the best choice because it:

  1. never goes out of date (less waste and cheaper!);
  2. is great value (a perpetual model = buy once, use forever);
  3. is laminated (long lasting and easy to wipe clean outdoors);
  4. works in any climate, anywhere in the world;
  5. is just SO simple to use;
  6. is designed by farmers whose crop success depends on it working; and
  7. includes companion planting tips on the reverse side as an added bonus!

Why should I choose THIS Moon Calendar?

There are a few annual lunar calendars and posters available. However, other lunar calendars only last for a year. Then you have to buy another one! What makes this moon calendar so unique is it’s a perpetual model that you just reset each month, year after year. A much more sustainable and very economical choice! It’s also VERY simple and easy to follow – no complicated or confusing instructions.

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How do I Use the Moon Calendar?

The full-colour A4-size calendar divides the 28-day lunar cycle into six periods of various lengths for different activities. It follows the waxing (rising) and waning (falling) moon cycle. This provides you with an invaluable monthly gardening routine that shows you the optimum times for each activity.

The colourful calendar has a laminated finish, making it even more practical for constant use indoors or outside in your garden shed. Just wipe it over or keep it on your fridge with a magnet.

On the first day of each month, simply align the new moon symbol on the rotating wheel with the date of the new moon for that month. Then just check the recommended activities for each day of the month. You’ll find the optimum times for sowing above and below ground crops, preparing soil, transplanting, pruning, fertilising, weeding, harvesting and even fishing!

Lunar Calendar: Shirley keeps her Moon Calendar on the kitchen bench to sow seeds at the best time for quick germination.

Shirley keeps her Moon Calendar on the kitchen bench to sow seeds at the best time for quick germination. Read her review on the results of her experiments!

What if I don’t follow the Moon Calendar exactly?

Life happens! So if you can’t manage to follow it now and then, don’t worry. You’ll have first-hand evidence of the difference that timing makes in your garden and further proof that working with nature’s cycles has on your plants.

Do your own experiments! Try sowing seeds at the optimum time to take advantage of soil moisture. Then sow some when the timing is poor. Record the different results. How fast did your seeds germinate? How many? How healthy were the plants? Compare the yields. Test out fertilising and propagating and compare your results. The best proof will be your own experiences.

Do you offer a discount for multiple purchases?

Yes! The calendar is great value and a practical gift for any gardener, so we know many customers like to buy one for themselves and another as a gift. This also saves on postage. We offer discounts for purchases of 3 or more moon calendars. Many of our customers love it so much they buy in bulk to get the best discount and gift to friends and family. Enter the quantity you would like to purchase to check the discount applicable.

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Is the Moon Calendar available on Amazon?

Yes! If you live in the United States and prefer to order through Amazon, you can order here. We have only recently listed the Moon Calendar on Amazon but the product is the same.

Do you ship the Moon Calendar to every country?

Yes! The calendar works everywhere and we send it all over the world. We have happy customers in many countries including the USA, UK, India, Canada, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, Asia and United Arab Emirates.

Will this lunar calendar work in my climate?

The Moon Calendar works anywhere in the world in any climate. Personally, I’ve used the same calendar in subtropical Queensland, Australia for over 10 years. It is still going strong and looks like new! Customers in Mediterranean, Subtropical, Temperate, Tropical, Arid and Cool/Mountain climates in the USA, Asia, Australia/NZ, South America, South Africa and Europe are using it successfully.

Its unique design allows you to adjust the new moon dates for your country each month (which I send with it). So you just simply turn the dial on the first day of each month 12 times a year and follow what to sow when.

To read more reviews, Q&A and feedback, please scroll up and click on DISCUSSION. 


Helen C – Sydney, Australia shares her thoughts about using the Moon Calendar:


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Michelle V, Texas US: I have the Moon Calendar and it’s amazing! Extremely easy to use and follow without all the fuss of the other moon calendars. I tried it for the first time this fall and was thrilled with the outcome. In Texas you get two planting seasons. Much more produce than I’ve ever had. I’d like to order 5 more calendars for friends.”

Felicity Geary, France: “Thank you so much for the calendar which arrived safely in France today. Really quick compared to most Oz posting! Just checked to find that I shouldn’t have planted all those seeds yesterday but hey. Better luck next time. Thank you.” 

Trish McGill, Australia: “I have been using the moon phases to garden for some time but had never seen such a fantastic compact and perpetual product.” 

Sue Lees, Australia: I have been using the moon calendar now for a couple of years and found the results to be very successful. It focuses me on the right tasks to do at certain times of the month. I now have a system of taking cuttings, potting them up & planting out a few months later. Because I have done this on the moon calendar all the plants have been strong & healthy. I also grow microgreens at the appropriate time & we have a steady supply of wonderful nutrients.

Jack, US: “My moon calendar arrived yesterday. In perfect condition. It’s a very high-quality product and I look forward to using it. Thank you for your concern for your customers. You are a model for other businesses!”

Elena Hofferber, California, US: “Hi Anne, I love the moon calendar since it makes my gardening easier. May I add how quickly it arrived to California?” 

Deborah Geebel, Bli Bli, QLD Australia: “I have used my moon calendar now for about 4 years and like it lots.”

Lee Moles, Maleny Garden Club, QLD Australia: “I love my moon calendar. I’d like to order 3 more moon calendars. As for my experience, the cuttings phase did seem to work so well but the time of year is also against me I think for that particular plant.  Bulbs – storm lillies – have gone in according to the calendar and are booming. It helps me plan.  I always have a list that’s bigger than the time available.  It helps me prioritise. I planted garlic a few weeks ago during the ‘plant bulbs now’ time.  I planted some a week before that, in a ‘plant’ time but not for bulbs.  The 2nd planting of garlic have sprouted and are 5cm high. The others are yet to show.  Same source stock. You can’t deny the proof of your own eyes. It also applies to pots and propagating. Not that it shouldn’t, but the success/failures are now predictable.”

Wendy Jurco, Melbourne, Australia: “Hi Anne, I found the moon calendar very helpful in growing some tomatoes in pots and spring onions in polystyrene boxes. I added fertilizer as per the moon calendar and planted by the moon calendar. Everything grew well. As we live on a new block that has clay soil, that is why I used the pots and boxes. The tomatoes have self seeded in the pots and I have used the moon calendar again to fertilize them at the right time. A person that I talked to told me his father also grew vegetables by the moon. They did an experiment and grew vegetables using the cycles of the moon and another plot without using the right cycles of the moon. He told me that vegies that were planted at the right time grew better than the others.” 

Sylvia, Australia: “I love the moon calendar and use it all the time. My friends even ring me to ask when is the best planting time!”

Kathy McDonald, Sydney, Australia: “I have been using it for a number of years. It’s excellent. No problems. I think gardening by the moon cycles really works and this tool is very good.”

Simon Davey, NSW Australia: “I heard good things about cultivation by the lunar cycle. After looking around, I decided this perpetual calendar was a straightforward tool. Seeking an inclusive evaluation, I bought a few of them and gave them to garden-produce inspired friends of mine. Now that I understand the moon’s influence, no surprises that people are experiencing consistent positive results.”

Abeer Baghdadi, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: “Your Moon Calendar helped a lot. I got the best results with leafy greens. I used to have leggy lettuce leaves and other greens, but using the calendar made a huge difference with plants like tomatoes. I noticed that when I don’t use the calendar the plants would struggle, but when the second cycle of the moon comes the plants recuperate. So using the calendar is good in giving these plants a good start.”

Mark Shaw, Hawaii: “This is a fantastic tool for the gardener. It is so easy to use, very durable and the results are immediate. I have been using it now for 3 planting cycles, and the results have been very noticeable in how the plants seeds germinate and how they grow. I call it “My wheel of Fortune”. I highly recommend this as a gardening tool.”

Theresa Letch, WA Australia: “I love the Moon Calendar, and will use it as a guide when I start planting.”

Barbara Langdon, US: “I bought your moon calendar a few years ago and am moving surviving fruit trees and berry bushes while following it.”

Brooke Jacobson: “I started moon gardening earlier this year and have noticed a huge difference! Love it.”

Lynda Vertigan, QLD Australia: “Planted my ‘above ground’ seeds on Monday & planting some ‘above ground’ plants over the next couple of days. This method definitely makes a difference!”

Lee Moles, QLD Australia: “I used to think gardening by a moon calendar was a little bit like astrology or numerology. Just a stretch too far. So I set out to prove it to myself. A single bulb of garlic, split into two piles of cloves. The first lot planted when the mood took me. The second two and a bit weeks later and according to the moon calendar. The second lot shot up like there’s no tomorrow. The first lot have never appeared. Recently I gave a talk to the Chinchilla Garden Club and was sharing my success stories about the calendar. 3 hands shot up and it seems that one of them has run a commercial enterprise [for 3 generations] according to the moon. The other two run successful farms. So now all my gardening jobs are considered in light of the position of the moon. I become happier with the results every day. And more convinced it works.”

Jeanie Battersby, WA Australia: “Just wanted to let you know how excited we are since following the Moon calendar and mixing our potting mix following your Guide.  We put in 16 variety of seeds and within 5 days we have 13 up.  5 only took three days to emerge. The weather has just changed overnight here in Rockingham, WA from extremely hot and muggy to cool and threatening thunderstorm so have kept babies under patio today. We have made up more potting mix for our root crops just waiting for the right days to plant them. This is the best success in germinating we have ever had.”

Daniela, US: “I gave the Moon Calendar to a friend as a present and she is very happy with the quality of the product. It’s easy to use and the enclosed “how to use” instructions are helpful. This calendar can be used for a long time. I personally thought the customer service was outstanding. I would purchase from this seller again! A pleasant shopping experience!”

Bob Miller, US: “While I have only had your Moon Calendar two weeks now, I can see and appreciate the value of the product. For years I have bought and used the latest version of the Farmer’s Almanac and struggled through the maze of confusing data to get down to the meat of what and when to attack the tasks at hand.  With your Moon Calendar everything pertinent and needed to know is simply right there in front of me. I am loving it! Am looking forward to using this as my “go to” to help me improve my gardening techniques.”

Janice, US: “I have received my moon calendars.  They are lovely and I am so excited about using them this coming gardening season!”

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