Guide to Using Kitchen Herbs for Health – Quick, Easy Ways to Grow, Eat & Use Herbs Daily


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This eBook by Anne Gibson is an easy-to-read, reference guide for health-conscious gardeners and cooks, who want to optimize the health benefits and flavours of common kitchen herbs. Learn to grow a tasty home herb pharmacy garden, cook and use 25 edible herbs to heal everyday ailments and support your health. This step-by-step guide is packed with nourishing, insightful growing and cooking tips on getting the most out of your fresh and dried culinary herbs. Scroll down to learn more…


This eBook is an entertaining, dive-right-in manual for beginners to experienced gardeners and cooks who want to grow flavoursome kitchen herbs to optimize wellbeing. You’ll learn how to use nutrient-rich herbs in meals and heal everyday ailments with simple tips. Find out how to grow, harvest and store 25 common edible herbs indoors or out, with actionable step-by-step instructions and recipes. Suitable for growing herbs in any climate. The guide includes a comprehensive glossary and references for further reading, so you can layer your learning over time.

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener - Author, 'Guide to Using Kitchen Herbs for Health'

I’ve put a LOT of love, thought and personal experiences with growing and using herbs into this book. My goal is to help you value their flavours, medicinal properties and expand the ways you use them. I share personal insights, helpful tips, simple herbal recipes and ways to make using herbs each day a tasty, easy and empowering healing habit.

You CAN take control over your health, and it can be as simple as using fresh or dried kitchen herbs in new ways. That bunch of parsley or basil can also help build your immune system. That headache or indigestion may be eased quickly without rushing to the chemist, by reaching for a herb in a pot instead. I’ve been living this way for years, seen my own health improve dramatically and share how I personally grow herbs and use them daily. This is a practical, hands-on guide.

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This is the ideal Kitchen Herb reference guide if you:

  • Are looking for an easy-to-understand, concise but also comprehensive guide you can use year after year;
  • Are just starting out to grow your first herb garden or want to build on what you already have growing;
  • Need a step-by-step guide to planning your space to grow herbs in containers or a garden;
  • Are interested in quick, easy ‘How-To’ remedies and recipes for common edible herbs;
  • Want to understand how to create healthy soil for growing nutrient-dense herbs;
  • Need help knowing how to sow, plant and provide ongoing care for your herb garden;
  • Buy fresh or dried herbs and want to learn how to get the most out of them in your kitchen and for health;
  • Want to save money by using herbs for simple ailments like skin problems, sore throats and stress;
  • Are interested in using herbs for both flavour and healing;
  • Want to dive deeper into herb plant profiles for specific health benefits and how-to-grow information.

Discover ‘plant parenting’ skills to boost your confidence ‘raising herb kids’ in a fun, understandable way. Learn shortcuts to success and take the guesswork out of getting started. Armed with this handy reference, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to plan, create and use your own herb garden for vibrant health and be more self-sufficient. This eBook will also help you uncover the vitally important link between soil, plant and human health. Dig in!

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If a friend or family member needs some inspiration and practical, simple ways to improve their health, this eBook makes a great gift. Every purchase supports my education work and helps me continue to share free information on this site.  Thanks for your support. xx

We are also looking at publishing a Hard Copy version of this eBook. If you’d like to be advised when these are available for purchase, please email me.

Guide to Using Kitchen Herbs for Health - Quick, Easy Ways to Grow, Eat & Use Herbs Daily By Anne Gibson

This DIGITAL eBook is available for immediate download in the following formats:

  • PDF (3.5Mb) – 141 pages, 55,280 words
  • ePUB (3Mb)*
  • MOBI Kindle (6.9Mb)

Suitable for all e-Readers. View a Sample – For personal use only. Please purchase multiple copies for gifts. Digital products are not refundable so please choose carefully.

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“This book sets out in a very comprehensive, but uncomplicated way, all one needs to know about planning for, purchasing, setting up, growing, maintaining, harvesting and using herbs for health and in cooking. It is beautifully presented and easy to read. One of my favourite sections was the Suggested Goal List – helping me think, and do, outside that square of using herbs more effectively and efficiently. I also gained a fuller understanding of each plant profile and its needs and uses. It’s well worth the read and an important tool in your garden library.” – Lynn Lewis

“This book is a beautiful distillation of 25 herbs useful for both kitchen and health. Anne Gibson has made it so easy for time-poor or beginner gardeners to have stress-free contact with nature. I thoroughly enjoyed her abundant personal garden wisdom. There are so many tips and practical suggestions. For example, exactly when and how to harvest turmeric and how to rejuvenate ageing thyme plants, that I have never seen elsewhere. As an experienced herb grower, I enjoyed learning numerous interesting new things about my treasured herbs and how to make the most of them for food, first aid and health.” – Beren Coulthard

“I am so glad I bought this lovely herb book. There was a wealth of information I didn’t expect, with gems of great value sprinkled generously throughout. I particularly enjoyed the logical, easy-to-read layout and suggested actions to take as I worked my way through. These practical steps helped me re-design my tiny space to utilise the sun and shade to grow more herbs than I thought possible. It’s a read, then ‘go and do’ kind of book. I was really limiting the potential of my indoor and outdoor areas until I learned how to use these spaces more efficiently with good design. Now I understand how to use my unique microclimates to plant a wider variety of culinary and medicinal herbs. The detailed plant profiles had so many interesting tips and I have added many herbs to my Wishlist. I plan to make more of the recipes for herb teas, salt substitutes and remedies as I need them. I will be referring to this helpful resource for many years to come and hopefully my health will benefit as a result. I will be buying more as a gift for friends and family.” – Rosamaree Smith

“I found this book very useful, full of lots of great hints and tips. It is probably the sort of thing I will dip back into and pick up new information each time. It was easy to read, well laid out and very comprehensive.” – Naomi Keenan

“Anne Gibson’s ebook begins by giving a concise explanation of annual, biennial and perennial herbs. The great value of this book is that it takes you from preparing to grow herbs right through to the finished product, be it food, medicinal or self care and pampering. The herb profiles are particularly valuable with each herb explained comprehensively. Recipes for using the herbs once harvested are clear and simple and likely to encourage their use, especially by beginners. The goals list at the end will help anyone keen to learn to make good use of the herbs they choose to grow. For the size of this book, the amount and quality of information is considerable and substantial. You will refer to it time and time again.” – Jennifer O’Dempsey

“Well done Anne….you’ve produced an informative and easy to read book that will be of use and value to gardeners, cooks, and all who seek natural health remedies. You have successfully shared your gardening and herb knowledge and experience in a way that inspires readers to take a second look at the herbs already in their garden and to experiment with herbs not grown or used before. Reading through your book I had the feeling that we were sitting and chatting about all things herbs and I’m now encouraged to dig deeper and explore more. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into writing this resource! As quoted on page 1 – ‘Truly, herbs are a gift from the Creator’.” – Lynda Vertigan

“Very well thought out. I wanted to learn more about Harvesting & Storage and it was covered very nicely. The tips were excellent. The book was easy to understand with practical information that can be used. Not off the wall ideas but ideas which can be used day to day. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the book speaks to both stages.” – Julie Cummins

“What a great read. They say we are what we eat, so if I look after my herbs they will look after me. 🙂 I loved all the tips on Harvesting & Storage. I picked up extra tips on pages 54-55 on how to get more out of my Aloe Vera plant. Maintenance e.g. what to grow in the shade and what to grow in the sun, always useful. And of course the Culinary and Medicinal Uses. Thanks Anne, keep up the good work.” – Theresa Letch

“The guide is just what I was looking for. I am still absorbing the information, planning my garden for this summer and will include some herbs. The guide listed ways to use herbs I already have but are just sitting in the garden or pots and I plan on using them more. Thank you for putting this information in a clear and organized form.” – Florene Mosbarger

“While my plants thrive outdoors, my green thumb indoors is pretty pathetic. I love the idea of herbs in my windowsill or near my patio door during the winter, but they always seemed so straggly (and often died) so I gave up. I was thrilled to open up Guide to Using Kitchen Herbs. I knew from the description that Anne would walk me through what I needed to know step-by-step, and I needed that guidance. Part of the reason I never dug deeper into learning what plants would do best in my house is because of the hours of work it would entail. I didn’t have time to figure it out and spend hours on the internet trying to find out. I loved that in no time at all I was using this guide to analyze my space, finding quick reference to which herbs worked best – and it was all right here at my fingertips. The other aspect I really appreciated was learning how to make my soil better. I’d always grabbed the cheapest bag of potting soil for my indoor plants, but I quickly learned that there are easy ways to improve it or make my own. I’m excited to dig in this fall and start herbs in the house. Everything I need is right here in this book. Thank you, Anne for the hours and hours of time it must have taken you to put together such a fantastic resource!” – Paula Miller

“I’m really enjoying the guide – it’s easy to read and has so much practical information. I’m inspired to check out what I have already growing and make more use of it – and also to plan what to add to my garden for future use. Great resource.” – Catherine

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