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A cleverly designed worm farm hidden inside an attractive portable container garden. The Composta is a self-fertilising planter ideal for small gardens, renters, apartments and patios. Reduce food waste by recycling your kitchen scraps to feed composting worms with no smell or mess. Produces a nutrient-rich liquid worm leachate to feed your soil and plants at no cost.

I love this product so much, I have three! With a large capacity, the Composta is perfect for growing herbs, leafy greens, strawberries and flowers and is so easy to use for gardeners of all ages. This solves your composting and worm farming needs in one container garden!


Composta Benefits

  • A clever hidden worm farm and attractive portable container garden in ONE!
  • Recycle your kitchen scraps with the magic of composting worms to produce a rich organic fertiliser to feed the plants growing within the pot.
  • Reduce your household waste and turn it into food.
  • Perfect for small spaces, apartments, units and patios.
  • Ideal for renters – take your garden with you.
  • Self-fertilising and water-saving.
  • Produces a nutrient-rich liquid vermicast (worm manure) leachate product to feed your plants.
  • Great way to get composting worms to do the work for you without the mess or effort of a separate worm farm.
  • BPA free, attractive and easy to use.
  • Great balcony herb, strawberry and vegetable pot or enjoy beautiful flowers.
  • Easy to manage and ideal for gardeners of all ages.
  • Proudly Australia-made and owned.

Let’s get you Composta’ing

What an amazing step you are about to take!  Together with your Composta worm farm you will:

  • Start producing your own organic liquid fertiliser for free.
  • Say HELLO to happy, healthy, organic homegrown herbs and plants.
  • Say GOODBYE to a smelly, slimy kitchen bin or the hard work of a compost system.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and support an Australian-made and owned product.

The Composta is made from UV-resistant, BPA free, recyclable, locally-sourced polypropylene, food-grade plastic with a 50-year outdoor rating. Height when assembled with legs is 60cm. Width is 54cm with a generous deep container for a wide range of plants.

Composta Kit

The Composta arrives as a kit delivered to your door with FREE SHIPPING.  Your kit includes:

  1. The Composta planter pot, composting canister and 3 detachable legs in a compostable box.
  2. Full instructions for easy set up in just a minute or two.
  3. Money back guarantee.
  4. 500g of hungry composting worms (delivered separately by express post). Get your kitchen scraps ready!


  1. How to Make Potting Mix at Home Guide (value $15.80) –  One of our most popular products! This unique double-sided and laminated recipe card shows you how to garden more sustainably. Learn to make a durable, high quality potting mix in just 4 easy steps with illustrated instructions and tips. This recipe is ideal for most plants and allows you to customise it to your own needs. No more expensive bagged commercial mixes! (Product ships separately).
  2. 10 Quick Tips for Making Homemade Potting Mix PDF –  This little gem will help you choose the best ingredients for drought-hardy and thirsty plants, understand the roles of various nutrients and how to store your mix.
  3. How to Make Potting Mix Trouble Shooting Guide PDF – Valuable tips to avoid common mistakes and make the perfect mix. You’ll be a pro in no time!
  4. Potting Mix Shopping List – We make it super quick and easy to source ingredients with a list of Australian suppliers.

You will need: 4 basic ingredients to make your own nutrient-rich, moisture-holding potting mix; whatever plants you would like to grow; and a small bowl or watering can to collect your liquid gold fertiliser. It’s super easy to set up and get growing. Feeling excited?

Shipping Please Note

This product ONLY ships within Australia. We offer FREE SHIPPING on the Composta and worms. The Composta box will arrive in a large box via Border Express couriers and you will receive email updates. The worms are shipped by Express Post in a small box and arrive separately. See FAQ below.

IMPORTANT: When confirming your order please be sure to leave a safe “courier friendly” address. No PO Box or Parcel Locker addresses please. Complete the section asking for a contact number so your courier can get in touch if needed. Or leave a note with any special directions.

If you order other guides, books or DVDs, they will be delivered separately and relevant postage will apply to those items only.

What customers say about their Composta

“This product is brilliant and easy for novice gardeners like me. Plus no more wasting food scraps which I really love.” – Fal

“These are great, we got one for Christmas and it’s easy to use and everything grows so easy in it! Love it! – Jena

“…I thoroughly enjoy it. My worms are very happy and so I find my herbs really grow. I am planning to buy another one everything grows well in them and they are very attractive for balconies or patios for herbs or flowers. Just love mine.” – Margaret

“I have two and my plants are loving it!!! All my friends are jealous…” – Elle

“This will be the third Composta I’ve bought…2 were a gift for my niece and 1 for me. We are both delighted with our Compostas, hers has pride of place on her front veranda growing herbs and mine on my back deck growing herbs, snow peas and baby lettuce. The worms settled in right away and got to task. I’ve had several types of worm farms over the years, this one beats them all. Composta number 3 is a birthday present for my eldest son, he’s an Agriculture teacher and a very busy dad who tries to find the time to grow a few edibles at home with his toddlers – I know the Composta will easily allow him and his children to recycle, grow and enjoy fresh food in a neat and compact way that will suit his busy lifestyle. Thanks for a wonderful Australian product.” – Jenny

“Very sustainable and environmentally friendly. We love having it for all curries and other food…” – Claudia


I already have a worm farm. Can I use some of my composting worms in the Composta?

Yes! Composting worms like red wrigglers are ideal for adding to your Composta. Click here to purchase the Composta container garden and worm farm only. If you are using your own composting worms (NOT earthworms), remember to add some bedding material to the base. e.g. a combination of moistened well-aged grass clippings and old leaves with shredded plain paper or coconut coir if you have some. Worms need bedding as well as food! Add the food scraps on top of the bedding in about the same proportion.

What if my worms arrive before my Composta container garden? How should I care for them?

This may occasionally happen! The worms are delivered via Express Post separately. The Composta is shipped via Help Enterprises (a charity and social enterprise organisation to help disabled young people). However they can sometimes take a few days to do so and we appreciate your patience. In the meantime, keep your worms in a dark cool moist place like an ice cream container with a lid and a few air holes. Or reuse the plastic bag they arrive in as a ‘lid’ over a container and hold in place with a rubber band or similar. Just punch a few holes in the plastic bag ‘lid’ with a skewer for air. Moisten the bedding with water in a spray bottle and give them a small quantity of chopped up food waste or juice pulp. Whatever you have handy so long as it is moist. A couple of tablespoons should be enough to keep them busy for a few days! The worms will be fine and can be moved into their new home when the Composta arrives.

How long will my worms live?

Worms will continually breed as a community as long as there is food and moisture available. They have been known to live for a few months, or even up to 10 years!

Where is it best to place my Composta pot?

The Composta loves a bit of sunshine, unlike your typical worm farm. Choose a position for your Composta that works with the type of plants you have chosen to grow in it. Simply refer to the directions provided with your plants. The surrounding garden will protect your worms from direct heat, cold and large temperature fluctuations. The Composta is a light colour that also helps reflect heat.

Additional information

Weight3400 g
Dimensions520 × 520 × 280 mm

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