• How to Make Potting Mix at Home Guide


    Want to learn how to make potting mix at home? This one-of-a-kind, double-sided and laminated Guide shows you how to make a durable, high quality potting mix. In just 4 easy steps with illustrated instructions and tips. This Potting Mix Recipe is ideal for most plants and allows you to customise it to your own needs. You'll learn what specific ingredients to include to supercharge your potting mix to make it last longer and provide vital nutrients for healthy plants.

    A handy chart will help you choose the best ingredients to substitute or add to suit your requirements. You'll also learn how to adjust the soil pH level of your mix.

    The Conversion Chart makes it quick and easy to follow the quantities in this recipe and measure them in Litres, US or UK Gallons. No guessing needed!

    BONUS: Includes 5 Organic Seed Raising Mix Recipes. [Scroll down to read more]

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    Save 10% when you purchase a How to Make Potting Mix at Home Guide and Subtropical Planting Guide.

    These gardening aids can help you optimize the timing for planting, fertilising, harvesting and garden maintenance for an abundant harvest. Knowing what to do when, is one of the keys to successful gardening and enjoying the rewards of your efforts.

    Price excludes GST (+10%) for Australian buyers. [Scroll down for more details]
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