Organic Gardening Tips for an Abundant Harvest

The Micro Gardener January 2017 Newsletter - Tips on Sowing Leafy Greens, Garden Journals, 2017 Garden Goals + My 2016 Garden Harvests

Hi and welcome to the first Newsletter for 2017 in a new fresh format!

Each month I’ll be sharing a short ‘How To’ video plus bite-sized tips and inspiration to help you grow an abundant, healthy garden in just minutes. Dig in!

5 Tips on Sowing Leafy Greens

In this quick 2 minute video clip, I share easy-to-apply tips on succession planting, varieties, microclimates, harvesting and nutrients.


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Leafy greens kale spinach in green smoothieLeafy Greens: Did you know?

Dark leafy greens are high in magnesium, an important nutrient often missing in our diets. This mineral is responsible for many chemical functions in your body and deficiencies can results in a variety of health problems.

Add a few spinach or kale leaves to smoothies, lightly steam leafy greens with your meals or enjoy raw in salads.

Why a Garden Journal is Your Most Valuable Tool

Want to minimize mistakes and maximize successes in your garden? Discover HOW keeping a journal can help you take a SHORTCUT to becoming an expert gardener in your own garden. I share lessons I’ve learned, 12 benefits of keeping a garden journal, how to use one with examples and options to help you find a format that suits you. Check out these tips in my latest article ‘Why a Garden Journal is Your Most Valuable Tool‘.

Why a Garden Journal is Your Most Valuable Tool

Setting Garden Goals for this Year

Not sure what to focus on this year? Need help with problems you had last year and want to resolve? Now is a good time for reflecting on lessons you can learn from past experiences and start fresh. I’ve put a lot of thought into how to help you with really practical tips in this article ‘17 Garden Goals for Your Health and Wellbeing.’

17 Garden Goals for Your Health and Wellbeing

Visual Tour of My 2016 Garden Harvests

In my January blog, I share photos of what I’ve grown over the past year to give you an idea what you can achieve in just a few hours a week, with the right techniques and good design. CLICK HERE to take a peek at my garden.

Harvests from My 2016 Garden

I hope this will inspire you to join my eLearning classes this year as I walk you through step-by-step how to achieve abundance without heavy labour, hours of work and frustration. I’m so excited to share this with you next month!

New Mini eCourse Starting Soon!

Soon, I’ll be inviting you to join me for my first online class – stay tuned for details on eCourses.

“Gardens speak of paradise, of freedom, of being yourself. Gardens say, slow down, look around you. Believe, hope, blow away those cranky thoughts. Gardens talk – if you are willing to listen, and remain quiet only – awed by the greatness of the music of your soul.” – Zoraida Rivera Morales

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