Start with what you or your family love to eat.  Think about what is important to you.  Why waste precious space growing something you won’t eat, or grow flowers if you like herbs!


Shallots are the lead actor in this pot of yummy edibles. Filled with herbs, edible flowers & salad greens, this is a ‘Pick and Pluck’ salad garden.

This is one of my edible salad gardens in a pot – filled to the brim with tasty herbs like parsley, chives and spring onions, edible flowers, baby spinach, tatsoi and rocket. I rotate this by planting seasonal greens and herbs.


Keep it simple and you can fit at least some gardening into your life.  Having an idea of what you want is a good starting point.

Clever design tips will help make the most of the space you have.  Lots of plants including vegetables require very little effort but reward you extremely well for a minimal outlay.  There are lots of clever ways to design your space for maximum production, design out problems like weather or nosy neighbours and add beauty, colour, fragrance and structure as well as encouraging children to get their hands dirty.


“This is a universal idea – to connect the garden with the kitchen and with the table and back to the garden again.” – Alice Waters, Chef & Author “In the Green Kitchen”

So where do you begin?  Here are some ideas for starting a small kitchen garden


Growing sprouts in a jar

Growing sprouts in a jar on the kitchen bench is quick and easy.

  • Microgreens indoors or out for nutrient-dense ‘fast food’.
Sweet basil microgreens in a punnet ready for harvest

Sweet basil microgreens in a punnet ready for harvest

  • A small pot growing fragrant culinary herbs.


Small vegetable garden in pots

Simple pots of fragrant culinary herbs are a great starting point for your kitchen garden.



Window sill salad and herbs

Salad greens and herbs grown on the windowsill with lots of natural light.


  • One or more large containers on your balcony or veranda with vegetables.


Productive tiered pots maximising vertical space.

Lettuces and fresh herbs growing in just a small space.



  • A hanging basket of colourful flowers, strawberries or herbs.


Basket of strawberries

Home grown strawberries do well in both pots and hanging baskets.


  • A pot with your favourite dwarf fruit tree.


Dwarf fruit trees

Dwarf fruit trees in pots can be highly productive in small gardens.


  • A no dig raised garden bed in your yard with Asian greens or salad vegetables.


Raised kitchen garden bed in a narrow space.

This raised-bed kitchen garden makes great use of a narrow space that was formerly used as a dog enclosure.


  • Try a mushroom growing kit – these can be grown indoors or out and will provide you with several flushes of mushrooms.


Oyster mushrooms grown from a kit

I grew these delicious oyster mushrooms from a kit and it was so easy!


So whatever you choose to start growing, you’ll get plenty of help right here.  Feel free to ask questions if you need to know more.

If you are ready to get started growing in a pot, make sure you choose the right container and consider these three key factors before you spend any money!  Then check out What to Plant When so you get the timing right for the zone you live in.

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