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February 2017 Newsletter - VIDEO Tips on Sowing Lettuce Seeds, 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Raising Seeds, 3 Edible Seeds + Summer Heatwaves in my Garden

Hi and welcome to the February Newsletter.

Whether you’re in the southern hemisphere like me and feeling the heat of summer, or indoors due to the cold, it’s likely you’ll be sowing seeds soon for either autumn or spring.

So, this month, I’m sharing another quick ‘How To’ video in my Sow Simple series of free tutorials to help you grow an abundant, healthy garden in just minutes. Dig in!

Sowing Lettuce Seeds

In this quick 2 minute video clip, I share easy-to-apply tips on how to successfully sow lettuce seeds.


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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Raising Seeds

Had problems raising seeds? In my latest article, I share tips to help you avoid common bloopers many gardeners make, so you can raise your seeds successfully. So, depending on which hemisphere you live in, it may be too hot or too cold to grow much outdoors right now. So you may be starting to think about seed raising for autumn or spring. When the weather becomes more comfortable, you’ll need your seedlings ready for planting. These Seed Raising Tips should give you a head start.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Raising Seeds

3 Edible Seeds – Did you know?

  1. Sunflowers – After your sunflowers have finished flowering, the dead flowers contain nutritious seeds inside the kernels. Save these sunflower seeds for sowing or enjoy as a protein-rich snack. They are delicious on home baked bread; sprinkled on salads or fruit to add a nutty flavour; and lightly toasted as a nut substitute in pesto.

Sunflower seeds used to add protein and flavour to home baked bread

  1. Nasturtiums – These pretty herbs not only attract bees and have so many uses in your garden, but did you know the green seeds can be pickled as a caper substitute? You can also crush the dry brown seeds and use as a mildly spicy homegrown pepper!
  1. Pumpkins – If you’ve ever grown pumpkins or squash, you know how many seeds they contain. You might compost the seeds to grow more free food, but don’t waste them! Pumpkin seeds are packed with minerals and protein. Try lightly roasting in the oven and making your own pepitas. Sprinkle with your favourite seasoning like powdered chilli or spices and enjoy as a tasty snack!

Summer Heatwaves in My Garden

In my February blog, I share how I cope with growing a food garden in hot, dry weather conditions. Some of the strategies I use and a few tips for you too. CLICK HERE to read more.

Summer Heatwaves in My Garden - Growing Food in Hot Dry Conditions

New Mini eCourse Starting Soon!

I’ll be inviting you soon to join me for my first online class – stay tuned for details on eCourses.


I will be continually adding new events and workshops to my calendar. If you’d like to join me at an upcoming event, check out the details on my Events page. New workshops will be added soon, so bookmark this page.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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