Need some inspiration for a living wall to screen out the neighbours or view, check out these ideas.

Add Space with Creative Vertical Gardens: Part 1

Small Garden Design Idea: Maximise Vertical Spaces


Why should you utilise this clever design idea in your garden? Because, no matter what size your garden is, I firmly believe you can improve the productivity, beauty and functionality by maximising vertical space.

This stunning arbor of roses draws you into the garden room and beyond. Photo by Lisa Romerein

Clever use of an arbor in this garden room with seats below cascading roses, not only makes it a fragrant place to relax but draws the eye into the small space and creates a sense of mystery beyond.


What is Vertical Gardening?


Simply put, vertical gardening creatively utilises a structure to maximise the growing space and exploit the potential of both the vertical and horizontal planes. Think outside the square: 3D gardens with colour, shape and texture not just flat designs! Traditional in-ground garden beds have very limited potential. However, growing ‘up’ or ‘down’ and ‘stacking’ techniques provide you with loads more options. (more…)