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My Story …

Hi and welcome! I’m Anne Gibson. I’m a community educator, author, speaker and garden coach. My goal is to help YOU improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food garden.

My small business is The Micro Gardener. In 2004, I was diagnosed with cancer and this was the catalyst for my return-to-health journey and this website. My passion is teaching people how to grow good health. Nutrient-dense food gardens that feed your mind, body and soul. I invite you to read my story …

I haven’t always gardened in small spaces … I grew up in suburban Sydney, Australia on a quarter acre block. At a time when the two major supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles, did not exist. The major shopping centres had not been invented yet!

Food came from the vegetable garden and fruit trees in our suburban backyard. We visited local farmers for fresh milk and seasonal fruit we didn’t grow. Pets were a flock of clucky chooks. They provided eggs, chicks and endless entertainment. Plus plenty of manure as free fertiliser for the garden.

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Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener
A Sow Simple Guide to Using Herbs eBook by Anne Gibson

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“I am an avid reader of your newsletter and ebooks and just love all your tips and great ideas for small gardens … thanks heaps for making things easy to do and interesting.” –  Jo Marsh, Journalist

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What is Micro Gardening?

“Micro gardening is the practice of intensively food ‘farming’ in containers and well-designed, small urban spaces. Micro gardens are designed to be highly productive; energy and space efficient; sustainable; affordable; and grown in healthy living soil.” – Anne Gibson

In 2007 I was renting a suburban house. It only had a tiny space to grow a food garden. I was recovering from cancer, so was highly motivated to design a mini urban ‘farm’. I needed fresh nutrient-dense food to boost my health and immune system. I wanted to intensively grow a diverse variety of food crops in highly productive pots. I starting thinking about creative solutions to maximise space. I began looking at my garden space through a new micro ‘lens.’  Read more …

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Highly Recommended Products

“Hi Anne, I think I my kids may go hungry and housework may not get done in the next few days while I read information on your site. We are about to get an allotment with some friends and will be growing vegetables and hopefully some berries in a ‘real’ garden but I want to expand my little balcony project. Can’t wait to read more on here.”
“Hi Anne, This year, I’m getting a lot more into veggie gardening. I recently came across your website & found very helpful info that I never knew before. I also wanted to thank you not only for doing so much research but putting your time in to write & share it with all of the people out there. You have a kind heart – blessings to you.”

“Just discovered your site. Thank you for sharing so much great information. I could spend hours just reading all the fantastic tips and ideas. You are awesome!”

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