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Want to learn some practical skills and tips for making the most of your garden space? Then come along to one of my workshops, talks or garden coaching sessions and get some great ideas!  Or book one for your community garden, library, school, event or organisation.


Upcoming Events


Queensland Garden Expo – July 8-10, Nambour Showgrounds, Nambour. This three day expo is Queensland’s premier gardening event attracting 35,000 + visitors from all over Australia and New Zealand. Some of Australia’s leading Gardening experts take part in three days of lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Come along and get inspired. I’ll be presenting 2 talks in the Giant Kitchen Garden. One on Friday at 11.15am on ‘Tropical Edibles‘ in the Workshop area. On Sunday 10th at 10.15am, I’ll be presenting a workshop on ‘Seasonal Sowing‘. The ‘Giant Kitchen Garden’ features a totally organic food court with a fully planted sustainable garden constructed onsite. Get free help with gardening problems and plant identification from the onsite Plant Clinic and be inspired by the fantastic arrangements in the Floral Design Competition. Head to the ‘Gardeners and Gourmets’ stage for some great tips on growing your own produce and turning it into delicious gourmet meals.

Sunshine Coast Family Expo – 6 August, Kawana. The Sunshine Coast Family Expo showcases many local businesses that are dedicated to making your family healthier, happier and give you more family time. Come join me for fun planting activities to engage the whole family to grow healthy food. Organised by Family Beat, the Sunshine Coast Family Expo now in it’s third year and is FREE. This wonderful event has become the Sunshine Coast’s ONLY Family Expo targeting thousands of coast families looking for the latest products, services and information to help make family life easier and fun.


Workshop Topics


I present workshops on a wide range of topics for Permaculture, community gardens, groups, garden clubs, local libraries, schools and home gardeners including:

  • Balcony, Container & Small Gardens” – Micro gardening in the city: How to grow incredible edible gardens indoors and out. Learn how to make wise use of space and resources; choose plants that meet your needs; and the special requirements of small gardens – fertilising, watering and maintenance.


Demonstrating how to use a bokashi bin & a variety of mini compost systems

Demonstrating how to use a bokashi bin & a variety of mini compost systems


  • Gardening with Children – workshops on a variety of topics including recycling, Christmas, garden-in-a-box, planting seeds & seedlings and sensory gardens.
  • Upcycled Planters– creative ways to reuse and recycle containers & everyday items as micro gardens.
  • Frugal Gardening – How to Grow More for Less” – learn how to: Develop a toolkit of resources and strategies to grow a highly productive edible garden without expensive inputs; Make and grow your own garden supplies; Grow plants that earn their place in the garden by providing high value (save or make you money; are multi-functional; long lasting and tummy fillers);  and Make your own (MYO) fertilisers from household waste and free or low cost resources.
  • “Designing Beautiful Balconies and Gorgeous Gardens” – design tips and principles for creating an attractive, edible, fragrant and multi-functional sanctuary no matter how big or small your space is.
  • “Organic Gardening for Beginners” – the basics of getting started, simple steps to creating your first garden and how to maintain it.
  • “Pest and Disease Management” – strategies for working with nature and easy organic solutions for common pest and disease problems in your garden.

Workshops can include practical hands-on sessions, take home samples and notes.

Contact me for a quote or tailor made workshop to suit your community group, event, organisation or audience.

I also provide one-on-one consultations and garden coaching for individuals and families and gift certificates.


Gumboot & watering can planters | Photo: The Micro Gardener

Creative upcycled container gardens


Some Feedback from Participants …


“Your ideas and concepts were quite amazing and so simple and easy to do.”

“Informative, sustainable, efficient ideas for a better world.”

“Fantastic facilitator, really useful and practical advice, excellent teaching approach. Thank you so much!”

“Very interesting and inspiring. Very ‘DO’able.”

“Very practical, great ideas – well presented.”

The workshop was fantastic.  It was interactive, very informative and covered a broad range of topics.”

“One of the best I’ve heard.”

“Brilliant…so much good info, presented in a fun & interesting way, will enjoy the notes.”

“Friendly, informative accessible information.  Good range of topics, a valuable couple of hours.”

“Wonderful display, Anne had so much to offer the gardener in small spaces.”

“Awesome!! This was brilliant – do this more often!”

“I will be heading straight to the shops to purchase a box to start my garden – thank you!”

“Very good presentation, hands on approach, very good detailed handouts (workbook).”

“Great, very practical examples.”

“Very knowledgeable presenter – great work.”

“Great tips, easy to understand.”

“Inspirational, easy to follow – I loved it!”

“Very insightful and loved the practical side.”

“Very interesting. Good tips! And good to see and feel the goodies!”

Small Gardens Workshop - sharing loads of ideas

Small Gardens Workshop – sharing loads of ideas


Workshops are ‘hands-on’ so participants learn by ‘doing’ as well as a wide range of interactive displays and props.  You are encouraged to smell, taste, touch and get inspired with the materials.  There’s no getting too comfy in your seat at my workshops – I encourage active participation for maximum learning outcomes. Participants learn how to design productive, beautiful, fragrant and multi-functional gardens in small spaces.


Simple inspiring design ideas for small gardens include growing medicinal and culinary herbs in colourful pots

Simple design skills can make a huge difference to the beauty, functionality and practical aspects of your garden. Here, a mini herb garden in pots for indoors or out is on display.


Design skills, how to use free and local low-cost resources and frugal gardening practices are all part of the content.

Some of the hands-on activities can include:

  • Learning how to save money by making your own free fertilisers from everyday resources that would otherwise end up in landfill or the rubbish bin.


A participant is crushing dried eggshells in a pestle & mortar to make high calcium fertiliser

Workshop participants all get recipes and notes and learn how to make their own free fertilisers by recycling food wastes

  • How to make your own potting mix and an understanding of the benefits of the various ‘ingredients’.


Workshop participant mixing ingredients to make homemade potting mix

Workshop attendees get involved in hands-on activities for interactive learning experiences. Here a participant is having fun mixing key ‘ingredients’ to make homemade potting mix


  • How to make a useful tepee from renewable resources in just a minute.  The tepee is demonstrated on how it can be used in micro gardens to maximise use of vertical space.


Demonstrating how to lash a tepee made from bamboo stakes

Learn a quick easy way to make a bamboo tepee suitable for small space gardens and pots. It folds up for easy storage and transport too.


  • Other demonstrations include how to make your own container wicking bed to save watering, a bokashi bin and mini compost and worm farm systems that suit small spaces, seed saving and propagating skills.
  • There are also a wide range of products and ideas on display to inspire you to go home and get started!


Workshop display includes design ideas, simple edible gardens, materials and plenty of resources for participants to touch, taste and smell.

A wide range of mulches, organic fertilisers, pots and containers, vertical garden concepts, meals on wheels and plant combinations are always on display to inspire.


If you have children and would like to get them inspired to start their mini garden in a box, they are welcome to come along too!


Kids salad garden in a box | The Micro Gardener @

Kids salad garden in a box – how to introduce colour, fun and variety so kids will eat what they grow!


Check back again soon for next workshop/event dates or email me for more information.

Happy planting.



My portable herb basket garden | The Micro Gardener

Helping you learn how to grow your own productive small garden

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  1. Gardens for Kids | The Micro Gardeneron 20 Mar 2011 at 11:10 am

    […] Small Garden Workshops […]

  2. Debon 08 Dec 2011 at 7:57 am

    This workshop sounds unreal but a little far for me for me to go. Hope it goes well.

  3. The Micro Gardeneron 08 Dec 2011 at 8:20 am

    Thanks Deb – I’ll post some photos and articles from the content on the website in the near future. I use a lot of low or no-cost techniques to build my soil fertility = plant health + productivity, and will be sharing some of these ‘how-to’ methods. Stay posted!

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  5. Rowena Margettson 08 Nov 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Hello Anne, heard you at Poppys recently and as the newly elected President & Guest Speaker organiser of Aspley GC wondered if you would travel down this far to give my club a talk next year and how much you would charge? (Our speakers only have about 40-45 minutes.)
    Many thanks

  6. The Micro Gardeneron 08 Nov 2012 at 6:13 pm

    Hi Rowena
    Great to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the talk at Perennial Poppies garden club. What a lovely group of people from all walks of life! I’m happy to travel to north Brisbane and would love to speak with your members. Will touch base by email re other details.
    Warm regards
    Anne 🙂

  7. Maureenon 03 Mar 2013 at 8:43 am

    Hi Anne
    I’m sure we’ve met at some library workshops in the past. I saw someone had posted the small garden in old tonka truck photo. This reminded me of a program my library ran years before, inspired by Jackie French’s book “How to guzzle your garden”. We collected all kinds of odd containers, boots, work helmets, desk drawers, toilet, etc. I’d love to try that again. With a healthy eating slant. Could we talk about this? Email me. Love your work! Maureen

  8. The Micro Gardeneron 03 Mar 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Maureen
    Yes we have met at past library workshops! I’ll get in touch by email and thanks for stopping by. Talk soon. 🙂

  9. Tammieon 18 Mar 2013 at 11:54 am

    Hello! How can I send you a picture of my spiral garden/planter? I worked for two days on it and very proud of myself! LOL Just thought you would like to see it.
    Thanks, Tammie

  10. The Micro Gardeneron 18 Mar 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Hi Tammie
    Wow that’s wonderful – can’t wait to see/share it! You can either email it to me or post it to The Micro Gardener Facebook page where lots of other subscribers can enjoy it.
    Looking forward to seeing your planter! 🙂

  11. Tammieon 19 Mar 2013 at 3:24 am

    Thank you Anne! I emailed you and posted on facebook….feel free to use my picture for anything you like!

  12. Petaon 09 May 2013 at 9:34 am


    I was wondering whether you do private workshops in Brisbane. My mother is trying to build a wonderful balcony garden and I would love to organise a private session with you. Please email me if this is possible.

    Many thanks

  13. The Micro Gardeneron 10 May 2013 at 7:04 am

    Hi Peta

    It was great to chat with you about a Mother’s Day gift voucher and one-on-one consultation for your mum – will email you the questionnaire and details today. Looking forward to helping you both. 🙂

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